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Posted on October 18, 2017 by Lindsay

(still) THE WEEK OF SEPTEMBER 25th, 2017


We were back on the road so a quick coffee and croissant was the plan for breakfast.

It was finally time to spend the day in beautiful Salzburg, Austria!!! 🙂

Jason and I grabbed nice lunch at Gablerbräu.

Then it was time to climb some hills and soak in the scenery!

See that castle in the back there? That was our next stop! Well, right after gelato.

Yeah, I guess the view was alright.

Salzburg was one of my favorite stops of the trip but it was time to head back to Munich for Oktoberfest shenanigans once again.


Jason and I were very excited to start the weekend because we were visiting friends in England for their wedding! We hopped on a very early flight and made our way into Bournemouth.

We had a long day with our backpacks so we took a break at the movies. Afterwards, we ate our favorite Bournemouth dish.

We walked around town for a while and indulged in gelato and coffee at Sprinkles Gelato Dessert Parlour.

At long last, we were finally able reconnect with our friends we hadn’t seen in years! Everyone converged at Launceston Farm – our lovely bed and breakfast lodging for the weekend.

I couldn’t help but snap a few photos when we first arrived.

Everyone took a little nap to recoup before heading down the quaint country road to The Langton Arms for dinner. It was hard to believe that everything was actually happening and that in less than a day I’d be watching one of my best friends get married!!


It was the big day! We all woke up and enjoyed a wonderful English Breakfast.

The view from our room was extraordinary <3

IT WAS TIME!! Everything about the wedding was exceedingly beautiful. Jay (the groom) hand-crafted a thousand paper cranes that hung over the ceremony and reception area. Yes, HE MADE A THOUSAND PAPER CRANES BY HAND. It was glorious.

Aisha (the bride) has a design sense like no other. She was meticulously involved with every small detail of the wedding. Her personality and creativity was present everywhere you looked.

I mean, do you see the flower arrangements?? They are so ridiculously perfect.

The wedding lasted most of the day so after the ceremony we were able to explore the grounds of the lovely Larmer Tree Gardens.

Oh and there were peacocks roaming around, no big deal.

Dinner was delightful – we were able to chat with more of our old friends and enjoy more of Aisha’s splendid styling.

Later at the reception area, I spent time with some of my favorite people, talking way too much, nerding out with other movie nerds and even taking a song or two to “boogie” on the dance floor. It was such a wonderful experience.


We slept in on Sunday thanks in part to the late night and also a little cold Jason and I both picked up. The newlyweds’ parents were having a big lunch/dinner at their bed & breakfast – King John’s House. We all headed over to spend time exploring the grounds and stuffing ourselves with good food.

I also met a dog that completely melted my heart.

After hours of eating and talking, we headed back to our place for games (and cheese!) We stayed up late having a few drinks and laughing hysterically. Jason and I spend a lot of our trips exploring cities and checking spots off our list but it’s the smallest nights with friends that are always the best memories.

It was an incredible weekend that once again ended too soon. We had a bit of time to see some of the group the next day but most of it was spent worrying about catching trains and planes. The last time I left Jay & Aisha, I felt pretty depressed about the distance between us. This time, we talked a lot about staying in touch geographically and hopefully that will help fight off the sadness that comes with the separation. I’m already looking forward to our next trip together (hopefully also with Robert & Suzie & all of our best friends here in Baltimore!)

AND if you enjoyed some of the photos in this recap, I have about a thousand more (not even being hyperbolic) so keep an eye out for more photo posts in the future. At this rate, I’m sure you will see something by 2019.

What was the highlight of your week?

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  • Jess October 18, 2017 at 2:23 pm

    Rothenburg looks so amazing! It’s weird that people actually just live there and it’s normal to them. Basically everywhere you went looks so picturesque & lovely.

    Maelu looks dope – I want whatever that pink bar is.

    And no I’m not tearing up looking at all the pictures from Jay & Aisha’s wedding <3

  • Robert Zerbe January 25, 2018 at 11:38 am

    I’m just seeing this! Great trip. Miss it. Need to get together again soon!


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