Weekly Photo Recap: Return

Posted on October 23, 2017 by Lindsay

Only a few more recaps to go before I’m all caught up so expect an overload of recaps this week. Ok so now we are taking it back to …



Jason and I were able to spend a few precious hours with Jay and Aisha before heading back to Frankfurt. I started to get a little worried about making it to the train on time but I should have just rolled with it. Murphy was ready for a walk and look at this view!

We strolled around the farm and surrounding neighborhood, enjoying the beautiful weather before spending the rest of the day stuck on some form of transportation.

Before we left, we met one of the farm dogs that just so happened to resemble our very own furry friend.

So yeah, the rest of the day was spent in and out of train stations and airplanes. The very unglamorous side of travelling.


We met back up with George & Allison in Frankfurt and headed to the airport in the morning. A quick breakfast stop at Mondo kicked things off.

One of the best things about daytime flights is that sometimes you get to see some stunning sights outside your window. This was somewhere over Greenland.


Jason had to head back to work but I took an extra day off and it was fantastic. Ellie and I headed down to Canton and enjoyed a little coffee & breakfast at Atwater’s.

I wanted to spend the day hanging out with Ellie so we spent all day walking around the Canton waterfront and Fells Point area.

It was so gorgeous out! It also felt so good to just relax and walk around.


Back to work on Thursday! It was a short week but we were right back into our terrible food delivery habits. Kind of obsessed with Thai food lately.


Jason and I were both itching to dive back into our house renovations so we started pretty much right away. Working in phases is the smartest way to go but I am excited to get a room finished soon! I need a place to display this giant Oktoberfest cookie before it crumbles.


Spent the day cleaning and working on getting projects done. Ordered some breakfast from RyeZenDine that was the prefect start to the day.


Woke up early to run errands AKA go to Home Depot. Continued the apparent tradition of photographing my breakfast food – this time at Silver Moon Diner.

What was the highlight of your week?

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