Weekly Photo Recap: Little Things

Posted on October 30, 2017 by Lindsay

I’m only one recap behind now so expect the photo madness to end shortly (and then of course, resume as normal next week.)



A little while back, before we moved into our new place, I scored an amazing Mid Century bedroom set off Craigslist for free! Just this past weekend we finally moved it into our bedroom. Unfortunately, one of the dressers took a few scrapes and scratches during the move so I’ll have to spend some time refinishing it but here’s a taste of what the set looks like –


A pretty typical day consisting of work, hanging with the dog and renovation planning. For dinner, we tried the pop up at R HouseJBee’s Jamaican-Me-Crazy – and I’ve been craving their Jerk Fish Platter ever since.


I started to take Ellie into work on a more regular basis because she seemed to be doing a decent job with the new routine. I have to admit that I’m largely doing it for my own benefit because I severely miss getting the chance to see her everyday on lunch. Now she spends her days with me in the office and gets to run around all over the place on our walks. It’s pretty great and I think she digs it too. ๐Ÿ™‚

Also, this weather is A+++


The first in a long line of packages came in the mail – it was my latest Angel’s Cup order!

Eating at Blacksauce has now become our weekly Thursday tradition. This week we tried the smoked shrimp fried rice, coconut milk braised collards and a tasty sweet potato pound cake.


I hit up a few thrift stores after work to grab something for a Halloween costume but obviously couldn’t leave with just that. I found a starburst carafe and another Agatha Christie book for the collection.

This might sound weird but I love product photography! I would love to work on it more in some capacity but random thrifting pictures will have to do for now.


More packages! I have an Etsy wishlist that is about 30 pages long but I rarely ever buy anything – especially right now since we don’t have anywhere to put stuff. BUT – when one of my favorite items was recently sold I vowed to go through and buy anything that I would get upset about missing out on. Those purchases will probably seem super strange to most people but oh well.

First, this lovely pair of of vintage salt and pepper grinders –

And this very kitschy souvenir eyeglass holder. Possibly one of the most specific and odd souvenirs I’ve ever seen so clearly I just had to have it.

The rest of the day was spent working on renovation projects. We’ve been doing a LOT but there isn’t anything too excited to show off just yet. Hopefully soon we’ll have some before and after shots!


At some point every weekend, I’m forced to clean and reorganize various parts of the house. Working through the mounds of paperwork on my desk I remembered all of the adorable goodies we picked up from Jay & Aisha’s wedding a few weeks prior. I especially love the name tag from our guest room.

Oh! And this absolutely perfect cross stitch ๐Ÿ˜€

What was the highlight of your week?

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