Weekly Photo Recap: Arts and Crafts

Posted on November 6, 2017 by Lindsay

Another week down and a productive one at that! Here’s what happened in a nutshell:



A very typical week day ended with a tasty plate of BBQ.


Happy Halloween! I had a bit of a stressful morning but ended the day Trick ‘r Treating with my niece and nephew. Still jealous I’m too old to join in.


Does anyone else feel completely wiped out midweek or is it just me? It was only Wednesday but clearly I was ready to cash in on that Daylight Savings hour.


“A quick trip to Home Depot” is not only factually inaccurate but it is also quickly becoming my least favorite phrase in the known universe. At least there was this wonderful sky waiting for me after I left the parking lot.


Jason, Melissa and I made our way over to the Baltimore Museum of Art for their Art After Hours event. We had a great time checking out the museum and all of the special exhibits.

My favorite stop of the night was at the Mid-Atlantic Carnivorous Plant Society table. Forget succulents, I’m ready to load the house with Venus Flytraps and Pitcher plants.

Then we stopped by the Open Works craft station to play with laser cut shapes.

We had a few drinks and checked out more exhibits at the museum. Tomás Saraceno: Entangled Orbits was one of our favorites.

Before we left, we tried to take some artsy fartsy selfies and came up with these instead:

Afterwards, we had a nightcap (& pizza) at The Owl Bar before calling it quits.


Woke up bright and early Saturday to start on some serious renovation efforts. I made the quickest of stops over to the For The Greater Goods Market to get a bunch of cool stuff. Here’s the haul:

I was very excited to try out a new local coffee roaster – Anchor Coffee Roasters.

So far we tried the Brazilian Oberon blend and loved it!

A delicious sample of Trisha’s Almond Toffee made it an easy purchase. I’ve been snacking on it with my coffee ever since.

I couldn’t pass up macaroons from BLK // SUGAR.

And OF COURSE I BOUGHT MORE OF THAT DRUNKEN RUM CAKE AND ATE IT IN LIKE 2 DAYS. Drunken Rum Cakes – buy one (or 10) and succumb to your new obsession.

I also snagged a bag of Stumptown Coffee’s Snow Day blend from Ground and Griddled.

Our big weekend renovation project is the second back bedroom. It needs less work than our main bedroom so the plan is to get it completely finished except for the flooring and baseboards which we will install all at once, floor by floor. When that is finished up we can move in there temporarily while we finish the main bedroom. Here is a before pic showing all of the work that needs to be done. I’m hoping that I can share an “in progress” and “after” photo very soon!


Another renovation heavy day. We made serious progress on the second bedroom which was a huge boost in confidence. Jason and I ended the night finishing up kitchen design plans, having a well earned drink and ordering in some cheap sushi.

What was the highlight of your week?

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