Weekly Photo Recap: Spackle

Posted on November 14, 2017 by Lindsay

Not all weekly photo recaps can be winners! Here’s what happened last week (spoiler alert: not much!)



I didn’t fully realize how much of my week revolved around SPACKLE until I looked at my sad, sad photo haul for this week. In a desperate attempt to finish the back bedroom and stay on schedule, I spent every single evening spackling and sanding holes that we initially filled the weekend prior. Eventually we had to fill even more holes and demo and yeah, it’s a lot of the same stuff over and over this week.


I found a new spot at work for some decent chipotle chicken. My stomach is happy but my waistline is starting to fight with my pants.


It should not go without noting that Ellie has been a real trooper through this whole process and is adapting so well! Taking her to work with me has been great and with the help of my parents and Jason’s aunt and mom, she has been getting plenty of love (and extra treats.)


This was also one of those weeks where I spent every waking moment worrying about getting something done on time. I had a bunch of dumb errands to do so on this day I had lunch courtesy of CVS. Yeah, pretty classy stuff.

I tried to pretend like I was on vacation somewhere more exciting.


Friday night was the Baltimore Food Truck Festival and as luck would have it, it was also the start of a massive cold front! We joined Jess and Rob and braved the chilly temps for dinner. Then we all hit up the fantastic T&J Waffle truck before retreating to eat them in our car.


Jason and I spent all day in the back room. We decided to demo one of the walls and completely replace it but the other three we are still determined to salvage. We will eventually fully skim coat all three of the walls head to toe but for now, more spackling!


We worked more in the back room before finishing some electrical work and clearing space on the first floor. We are getting there people, I promise!

We ended the night with Jess and Julie at Golden West’s Tarot Cards and Cocktails night. We had a few fancy drinks, a surprise donut and gleaned some guidance from the Baltimore Astrological Society. A special thanks to @tarotelectric for my reading!

What was the highlight of your week?

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