Weekly Photo Recap: Progress!

Posted on November 20, 2017 by Lindsay

We are making some progress but at the sake of a social life. Just trying to get in some work before the holiday hustle hits!



I realized that Monday was the 3rd year anniversary of Ellie’s adoption! I seriously cannot believe its already been so long or how tiny she was when we first got her! I always like looking back at old photos of her 🙂


We made a big leap forward in our renovation – we finally finalized our kitchen design plans and bought all of our cabinets! We wanted to take advantage of the IKEA kitchen sale so we had to hurry before the offer expired (Sunday) – always working something in at the last minute. It feel so good to have this out of the way. Now we have to make room for the cabinets!


I like getting that extra our of sleep on Fall Daylight Savings but I don’t enjoy how dark it is when I leave work. Although, the sunsets have been particularly nice recently.


A pretty typical day getting stuff cleaned and organized. I found Ellie’s bandanna she got when Jason’s mom & aunt took her to BARCStoberfest. I didn’t realize she is a Junior Deputy now.


Everyday this weekend was spent working on the back bedroom. It was a lot of work, most of which we didn’t fully anticipate but isn’t it always?

Thanks for this lovely little reminder, courtesy of Adam J. Kurtz.


We did something for the first time this weekend – put up our first piece of drywall!

And then put up a bunch more pieces until it was very late! Who needs sleep (besides everyone)?!


Ordered breakfast sandwiches from Sweet Side Cafe which were delicious but they also deliver donuts so I am totally screwed now.

We spent the whole day (and evening and night) working on getting the back room ready. Still not 100% but we are getting close to painting. Whew!

What was the highlight of your week?

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