Weekly Photo Recap: Prime Time

Posted on December 4, 2017 by Lindsay

More house progress, less sleep – the cycle continues!



One of the best parts about Winter time is getting to bust our all the best socks. My sock game has been on point this week.

Ellie started the work week off by taking over my desk duties.

She was able to mimic my demeanor instantly.


I got my shit together and started using my French press at work again. Yum.

Snapped some videos of my girl running around on lunch. This is the only still shot from the bunch –


Jason and I did a great job getting our to do list organized this week and working towards finalizing design plans. Ellie has been hibernating in anything remotely cuddly.


Picked out flooring for the house (just need to place a big order, eek!)

And of course, Thursday means Blacksauce. Hot apple cider, pear lemonade, lamb ribs, bbq duck sandwich, sweet potato-apple-shallot hash, and more.


A stressful day at work mixed with my lack of sleep made for a rough night. Thankfully Jason’s mom & aunt saved the day with a fully prepped drywalled room. Operation Guest Bedroom is a little closer to completion.


Busy, busy, busy! First it was time to completely prep the room.

Then it was ready to prime everything head to toe!

Later on we rushed out to meet our friends for a little shin dig. Met some new people, had a few drinks and basically just had the best time ever. Also – did anyone catch that Super Moon??


Since the party was at Marc’s house, we had a lot of take home treats. I can’t fully describe how good these sweet potato cupcakes are.

Anyway, the rest of the day was spent doing bathroom demo and of course painting! Looks like we’ll do another finishing coat and be ready to move on!

Side Note – I’m looking forward to getting back into finishing other blog posts. I’m just taking some time to play catch up and then I’ll be back 🙂

What was the highlight of your week?

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