Weekly Photo Recap: Frost

Posted on December 11, 2017 by Lindsay

This week saw the first snow of the season but not much else! Here’s a little bitty recap –



While the snow was almost a week away, the first sign of colder weather could be seen among the leaves early Monday morning.

This whole December at home has been full of cozy sweaters and hot chocolate. Oh and paint, and drywall and dust. So much dust.


Just a couple typical office snapshots – Leftover udon from TenZin

+ a “How can you say no to that face?” pup portrait.


Took Ellie for a walk with my dad’s dogs and got a glimpse of the puppy litter!

Snuggling hard.


Jason and I fit in a whole trip to IKEA, dinner and a movie at the Charles Theater all into one Thursday night.


I ran a few errands after work and scored a few small thrift store finds (pictures later.) I bought a nice evergreen candle to give the house the smallest amount of Holiday spirit.


We were treated to the first snow of the season! It was a great weekend to stay inside and get some renovation work done.

Even Ellie was perfectly content settling in.


I snapped some early morning pictures of the melting snow before getting back into housework. Check back soon for some after photos!

What was the highlight of your week?

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