Weekly Photo Recap: Decisions

Posted on December 20, 2017 by Lindsay

I am finally getting around to this little recap. Another week flew by and I did my best to keep my photo-a-day tradition alive. Here we go –



A full day of work was followed up by an hour long drive out to Gaithersburg to look at bathroom tile. Jason and I have a tendency to make everything feel so urgent with our home renovation decisions but I’m glad we decided to wait on buying the tile we were initially interested in. There are so many things to consider that it’s easy to overthink it. Tile size, color, what grout to use, what pattern to lay the tile… too many options!

We ate dinner in the area at Sardi’s – I’m always ready for Peruvian chicken.


The guest bedroom is looking great. We have a few pieces of trim and some custom shelves to install before the walls are complete but otherwise it’s looking pretty snazzy! We have a secret project we started working on that I’m excited to show off but I’ll have more on that in a future post.


If you have ever worked in an office during the Holiday season, then you are probably very familiar with the onslaught of sweet treats lurking around every corner. Someone had a birthday on Wednesday and what was I going to do, NOT have cake for breakfast?


We decided to take it easy after work on Thursday and meet friends for dinner at Clavel. I’m surprised it took us this long to head over to the restaurant since we moved in 5 minutes away.

Happy Hour margaritas, queso and tacos – yes please.


I was so busy I barely had time to breath on Friday. Thankfully, Jason had Ellie at home and was able to take her out for a snowy walk.

I went straight from work to change for Jason’s work party. We indulged in great food, drinks and conversation yet I only managed to take one camera phone photo of this coffee.


We spent the Saturday laying around a little longer than normal which was totally fine by me. Tried a new spot out for breakfast – Soul Kuisine Cafe.

After working on the house and running errands, I was very much looking forward to getting together with my favorite people for some board games. Marc busted out a new addition to our line up – Cranium After Dark. It’s essentially a sillier version of charades so naturally we were all about it.


The week ended on a busy but fun note. Jason and I checked out the Vintage Flea Market at R House after grabbing a few donuts from Stall 11.

Then I FINALLY finished my Christmas orders before we prepped reno projects for the week ahead. We have some great projects ahead that I am really looking forward to working on. It is so exciting to see everything coming together!

What was the highlight of your week?

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