2017 in Review

Posted on January 2, 2018 by Lindsay

It’s the start of a new year and as expected, I can hardly believe it. 2017 was a year full of fun and accomplishments so I put together a little Year in Review post showcasing some of the best moments.


  • Rang in the New Year with most of my favorite people
  • Bought a 35mm lens
  • Celebrated Jason’s Birthday!
  • First hike of the year at Loch Raven Reservoir

  • Celebrated my Birthday with some of my favorite things
  • Fell in love with Iceland for our 10 year anniversary
  • Back to Loch Raven Reservoir…
  • then to Patapsco Valley State Park

  • Hung out with the dog squad
  • Celebrated Julia’s birthday at Karaoke
  • Had some St. Patrick’s Day pie
  • Bounced around Baltimore with The Baltimore Baton



  • Spent more time at Patapsco
  • Had too many drinks with friends
  • Got caught in a confetti storm seeing OK GO
  • Spent Father’s Day with our dogs at the beach

  • Started the month off getting fancy with friends
  • Celebrated the 4th in the typical fashion
  • Visited Portland for the first time
  • Saluted some of my favorite Baltimore spots including the Farmer’s Market, Loch Raven Reservoir + Artscape
  • Made all of my High School dreams come true by finally seeing Andrew McMahon perform

  • We bought a house! And immediately started renovating it
  • Became fully immersed in Twin Peaks: The Return and Marc’s cooking
  • Finished moving, (saw an eclipse), + Discovered the joy of plaster dust

  • Headed to Lancaster for the Field of Screams hospitality night 25th anniversary
  • My first time in Germany included Frankfurt, Heidelberg, Rothenberg + Munich!
  • Spent a day in Salzburg, Austria
  • Visited Oktoberfest!
  • Ended the month in England to see Jay + Aisha get married!!!

  • Took a day off to explore the city with my favorite girl
  • Discovered the bliss that is Blacksauce Kitchen
  • Watched two beautiful people get married

  • Checked out some carnivorous plants and took silly selfies at the BMA Art After Hours event
  • Drank fancy cocktails and had my fortune read
  • Ellie became a BARCS junior deputy
  • We drywalled our first room!
  • Stuffed our faces on Thanksgiving

  • Painted our first room!
  • Experienced the first winter snow
  • Enjoyed games, cookies and the company of best friends
  • Had a wonderful day spending time with family on Christmas
  • Drank too much and laughed more than I can remember while ringing in the New Year

Goodbye 2017!

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