Weekly Photo Recap: Happy Holidays!

Posted on January 3, 2018 by Lindsay

The final week of the year included Christmas and New Year’s Eve. Here’s how I spent the chilly, cheery week.



The week started off with Christmas! Jason and I spent the whole day visiting family and exchanging gifts before taking my niece and nephew to the movies. I also received a few neat gifts including this mug from Jason’s sister – apparently these are the impressions I make:


Back to work with a little leftover Holiday cheer.

For dinner, Jason and I opted to treat ourselves to some delicious Korean BBQ.


Can I just take a minute to admire Bean’s gray ‘stashe? I find it impossibly adorable.

After work we got to see one of Jason’s favorite bands play a show!


After getting most of the furniture out of our bedroom, I started working on fixing some of the wall and ceiling problem areas. Riveting stuff!

We also busted out this delightful candle that Jess picked up for me because “the smells were too perfect.” Couldn’t agree more.


Jason finished hooking up the light and I had finished off the wall shelf so it was time to move into the guest bedroom!

After a long night working on the house, Jason and I braced the cold and headed to The Dizz for a big tasty burger.


We woke up in the guest bed for the first time and it was nice for a few reasons including 1.) Ellie had a great place to check out the outside action

2.) I also enjoyed the city view

& 3.) Nice new clean sheets 🙂

We spent the day organizing and working on the house. We tried out a new lunch spot – The Kabul Fresh Grill – and now we can’t wait to try more.

Ellie did her best to help me with the laundry.

It snowed a bit so I decided to take Ellie out in her new Christmas coat.

I also snapped a cute photo of one of my favorite spots on my block.

By the end of the day, we had finished a bunch of work including fitting the first cabinet in our built-in wall!

We ended the night with bff’s drinking margaritas and stuffing our face with tacos.


Happy New Year’s Eve! I spent most of the day running errands before heading back home to get ready to go out. We spent the holiday at a party with great friends. Here’s a collection of silly photos for your viewing pleasure.

Does it get any cuter than this?

And with that – I DID IT! At least one photo, everyday for an entire year! I’m so happy I kept up with it and I’m looking forward to continuing the tradition in 2018!

What was the highlight of your week?

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