Weekly Photo Recap: 2018

Posted on January 15, 2018 by Lindsay

I’m kicking things off a bit late in 2018 so expect two photo recaps this week – Let’s go!



After counting down into the New Year, we hung around our friends house for a bit longer, playing games. Apparently, I had switched the camera settings at some point to black and white so please enjoy these terrible photos of my final moments of the evening/morning.

After sleeping in most of the day, we ended up ordering some delicious takeout and snuggling up with a movie.


The week was less hectic than the prior week but we were still chipping away at the renovation. Our bathroom tile finally arrived and Jason and I are both in love with it.


We spent the evening organizing the house and cleaning, something we are forced to do basically every week.

We finally made it over to Remington Wine Company and picked up some brews. (Side note apology: Sorry for all of these crappy cell phone photos!)


Thursday was Jason’s BIRTHDAY!!!!!! I think I get more excited for birthdays than he does but oh well. We managed to make it out to Bottega for dinner despite the frigid wind chill. Happy Birthday, Jason 🙂


Our Friday evenings are almost always spent finishing up some errands and prepping for weekend work. This evening was no exception as we headed to Home Depot before ending the day with dinner at El Salto.


We started focusing on the main bedroom for renovation work which has got my very excited. In addition to working on the ceiling and walls, I started refinishing a few pieces of furniture that needed some help. I picked up this cute wood chair at the thrift store to practice staining, which I’m glad I did because my learning curve was steep. When I’m finished with this piece it will be painted and used as a vanity chair but for now, here’s a few before shots.

I plan of reupholstering the seat but I do kind of love the fabric it has on it now. Hopefully, I can find another place to re-purpose it.


More work on Sunday, including my first steps to refinishing my wonderful bedroom credenza that was scuffed up in the move. Taking my parents advice, I did a light stripping on the top and started my first coat of stain. I was so proud of how the process went and I can kinda of see why refinishing furniture can be addicting. The top will probably need 3-4 coats to match the color of the rest of the piece but I am already so happy with the early results.

It was a low key week at home, mainly thanks to the ice cold temps but I really enjoyed it. I’m looking forward to showing off more progress photos soon as everything with the house starts to come together.

Also, here is a Bean gif for your viewing pleasure.

What was the highlight of your week?

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