Weekly Photo Recap: Score

Posted on January 19, 2018 by Lindsay

Not exactly the most robust recap as I’ve been so busy but here we go!



I installed the curtains in the back bedroom and now it is slowly but surely starting to feel like a real room.

I’m looking forward to putting on the new bedding and filling out that shelf!


With most of the major tasks in the back room complete, Jason and I have been working on our main bedroom. We spent the evening gathering supplies for upcoming projects before snuggling up to a familiar scene.


Since our front bedroom is so spacious, we decided to build a long bookcase/window seat along the front wall. Jason started to frame out the base and we came up with a ducting system to help airflow cover the whole room. It may not be very exciting to look out but we thought it was pretty cool!


My quick trip to the thrift store rewarded me with one of my favorite scores yet – two mint condition Mid Century thermos bottles!

Side note – I can’t even imagine that there will be a day when my beautiful couch will be uncovered and usable. I can’t wait. 🙂


We worked on a few small projects and mapped out a few things before making a quick stop for a late dinner and drinks at R House. Typical!


Back to work! We put down a little underlayment, did some demo work in the bathroom and started spackling some spots in the bedroom. Jason put together the main bookshelf bases to check the fit. I think Ellie approves.


Time to tackle some of the more detail oriented projects in the bedroom. The first step was stripping and filling the holes on the window trim.

The trim is in rough shape so hopefully the “after” photos look nothing like these.

Next, smoothing out this crazy wallpapered wall.

Tune in next week for more renovation developments.

What was the highlight of your week?

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