Weekly Photo Recap: Snow

Posted on January 25, 2018 by Lindsay

Another late weekly recap? You don’t say…


So I am late to the party again posting this recap for a multitude of reasons. Beyond the standard “so busy” excuse, I don’t currently have my computer hooked up thanks to the lack of space at home (and yes, my main computer is a desktop) so it hasn’t been the easiest to carve out time to edit & upload photos. Also, you may have noticed that most of my recaps have consisted largely of bush league camera phone photos. Well, it looks like my main camera is in need of repair. Maybe just a solid cleaning and lens adjustment will do the trick but I’ve had a few issues with the focusing in camera, among other things. I plan to devote some time to looking into the issue in the next few days and hopefully fall away from the camera phone crutch.

About last week…


Unlike the rest of the country, I had work on Monday, so I hit up Dunkin and started the day.

After work, I updated my eyeglass prescription (yay, new glasses coming soon! also the ability to see things clearly!) then made the usual rounds to some thrift stores. I was pretty bummed out Jason wouldn’t approve these chair purchases. I know they weren’t in great condition and we had no room/use for them but come on!


A little more house work and another delicious dinner from The Kabul Fresh Grill.


We’ve had nice snow accumulation so far this winter. Not too crazy where you shouldn’t be driving anywhere but enough to have a little fun. After work, I let Bean go crazy.

I love the cotton candy winter sunsets.


Made the first of many trips to IKEA. Good news is I should be all stocked up for a while!


Dined out with a big group of friends at the Korean BBQ spot Iron Age. The interior looks like you’re on the set of MTV’s The Grind but the food is tasty and it’s all you can eat! A great spot to hit up with a large group.


We spent the day working on the house, of course. The window bookcase passed the tests for weight and stability! I can’t wait to finish this project.

Later, we went to The Bluebird Cocktail Room for dinner and drinks with Jess and Rob. The food was nice and the space is beautiful but the “vibe” and seating arrangements left a lot to be desired. If you have a group larger than 2 people, it seems best to go during the day or sometime when the crowds die down.


We worked on all sorts of projects on Sunday and got so much done. Unfortunately, some of my photos didn’t turn out well but here’s a shot of the main bedroom drywall!

What was the highlight of your week?

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