Weekly Photo Recap: Routine

Posted on February 2, 2018 by Lindsay

Meanwhile, last week…



We started cooking more at home and I finally started getting back into meal planning. Nothing crazy but trading out a few crappy dinners for something healthier is a good start.


Brussels sprouts two nights in a row. I’m not mad about it.


Colorful storage containers spotted on an evening walk with the dog.

I finally added the rings to the curtains in the back room. Also notice the blanket Ellie got for Christmas from my parents.

So vain.


Finally, after almost HALF A YEAR (wtf?!) the group got back together to podcast again! It was our 299th episode – we have been podcasting for almost 8 years! That is pretty crazy but I would be perfectly happy going for another 8.


Finally updated my prescription and got some new frames.

A group of us met for dinner and defaulted to R House after moments of indecision. I’m always a fan of the food at ARBA.

Afterwards, we headed over to the 29th Street Tavern for drinks and to watch George struggle with the photo booth.


Had a little lunch at Avenue Kitchen and yes I’m basic and ordered the avocado toast. It was delicious though so I’m fine with it.

Later, we headed to a new Thai spot (thumbs up) and caught a late night movie.


Started the day off with a cream cheese and lox bagel from Sweet Side Cafe.

And donuts, obviously.

Ended the day at my parents for a dog play date and enjoyed watching this fog roll in on the water. It’s moments like this when I remember why I’m supposed to always have my camera. I really need to get a new phone soon!

What was the highlight of your week?

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