Weekly Photo Recap: Bookcases

Posted on February 13, 2018 by Lindsay

I’ll be playing catch up with two recaps in the same week. Let’s go!



Mondays are never the highlight of my week but lunch from Chicken Rico definitely bumped it up the list.


Trying to keep up with cleaning and organizing in the house is a constant struggle. Sometimes, like with this back bedroom shelf, I have to indulge in a little decorating just to break away from the craziness.


A bored Jason = demo at the house. This week we said goodbye to the plaster stair walls that were falling apart.


Apparently, Thursday was very uneventful. Enjoy this lackluster photo I took at work showcasing Ellie’s love for the space heater.


We had a big weekend of work ahead of us so we started clearing out the stuff remaining in our bedroom. And of course made a trip to Home Depot.

Ellie was not pulling her weight.


We wanted to get done as much as possible in our bedroom so we got going early with a coffee boost from Charmington’s.

We finished sanding the bookcases and finally installed the bases!

And now we start painting…


But first, coffee. Thanks Dooby’s!

We spent all day painting. That’s basically all we did – sorry we aren’t more exciting.

It felt great to finally see the room coming together!

What was the highlight of your week?

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