Weekly Photo Recap: Gals

Posted on February 19, 2018 by Lindsay

Back on track and ready to recap yet another disappearing week in February.



Some lady friends of mine decided to kick off the week by celebrating Galentine’s Day together (a day early?) Allison suggested the perfect dinner venue – The Owl Bar!

I can’t believe I missed out on food photos! I’m already dreaming about getting back there for dinner.

Afterwards, we took a super quick stroll through the lobby of the Belvedere.

I took what, at the time, I believed to be a cute photo of us only to later discover my complete lack of camera focus.

Hopefully, we will turn these dinner dates into a regular thing!


Back to the boring life! If you’ve ever wanted to know what my day at work is like, this sort of sums it up:


Happy Valentine’s Day! Jason showed me this delightful card he made:

Later we ordered takeout from Cholitas Tacos – clearly a very exciting, celebratory day.


I had almost completely forgotten about our new podcasting schedule so I had to press pause on finishing the bedroom window painting (oh well!) Instead, Jason added a chamfer to the bookcase top edge and I did a simple prep job to get the seams ready for caulk.

Time to fill the gaps!


While I was at work, Jason’s aunt took care of a fun to-do list task that involved our first paint color!

For dinner, we met up with Jess and Rob at Silver Queen Cafe and ate way too much seriously delicious food.


Rise and shine to a pancake breakfast and early morning snow.

Painting is the task that never ends so we made it our mission to finish up most of the miscellaneous bedroom painting over the weekend. The bookcase/window wall was looking wonderful.

And remember that color paint from Friday? We used it to paint our closet! I saw this idea online somewhere and loved the concept of having a serious pop of color in the white room. This is what it looks like when you open the closet door:

I finished painting all of the interior shelves to match (I’m obsessed with having layered items of the same exact color in one space.)

Maybe it’s a little crazy, but I think it is so fun seeing this every time I open up the closet.

We worked on the room well into the late evening before venturing out in the snow to find something for dinner. We wound up at the lovely 29th Street Tavern, stayed after food to have a few drinks and ended the night feeling so accomplished with the day.


We decided to pair our early morning Home Depot run with a donut breakfast at Rise Biscuits Donuts.

The breakfast sandwich was my personal fav. The dounts were hefty but very, very sweet!

I did a crappy job taking photos the rest of the day but we managed to finish up about 90% of the bedroom! We have a few miscellaneous tasks to take care of and I’m excited that this upcoming week we are working on putting in our flooring!! Fingers crossed everything goes smoothly and we’ll be moving on to the next room. 🙂

What was the highlight of your week?

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