Weekly Photo Recap: Floor

Posted on February 27, 2018 by Lindsay

Houston, we have flooring! Take a look at the work we put in this week to get the floors ready in the bedroom.



I did the impossible and woke up EARLY! I even watched the sunrise on my way to work!

We were very eager to get the floor down in the bedroom especially because we knew we wanted to wait a week after they were finished before officially moving in. We started right away putting down the second underlayment on Monday Afternoon.


Baltimore finally had ONE nice weather day. On our lunch break run, Ellie almost immediately opted to lay down with a stick instead.

She jumped up on my lap while I was still working at my desk and decided that this would be a good position to take a nap.

Later, Jason and I finally made it out to the grocery store so we could stop making excuses and meal prep. The grocery store in Hampden displayed this right at the entrance. Clearly, they know their demo.


I bought a few random things off Etsy for my birthday and was excited to get the last few packages in the mail.

This Danish cookbook will look great in the kitchen.

I’ve been wanting to read The Turn of the Screw & I couldn’t pass up the cover art on this copy.

Also: this ring holder/statement decor is just great.

Random side note – I never mind parking around the corner of my house because I get to check out this silly little mural.


More plaid throughout the work week:

I also had a satisfying thrift haul that seemed to follow a specific color scheme –

This coffee set is just adorable –

And I was really digging these decanters.


I have to briefly shout out the delightful Jewish apple cake from Yia Yia’s Bakery. Sooo good.

But finally it was floor day! After deciding on the stagger pattern earlier in the week, we got going on cutting the boards to size and nailing them down!

Ok so I was EX-CIT-ED!

We ended the night with friends for dinner at G & M Restaurant.


The bulk of our work took place on Saturday. The floor was down, now we just needed to fill the holes and sand any rough spots.

Looking good!

Can’t wait to fill the shelves up 🙂

The entire room is almost complete!

By the end of the day we had everything filled and sanded and stained!


I am already getting very comfortable looking at these beautiful boards.

I didn’t manage to get a lot of process pics in but we finished the day with a brand new floor with 2 coats of poly!

Now we have to work on a few other projects before moving in later next week!!!!

What was the highlight of your week?

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