Weekly Photo Recap: Big & Small

Posted on March 6, 2018 by Lindsay

A week of accomplishments and spotlights on things big and small. Here’s what went down last week –



A busy Monday. I have been working hard on staying organized at work and at home – hence this newly organized bulletin board pic. I’ve been killing my to-do list recently and it’s been giving me a nice energy boost. I love how inspired I feel after clearing things out of my life.


After work I was able to get a good dog walk in with my parents. They always get the best sunset views off the water.


The sunniest, driest day Baltimore had seen in a minute. Bean enjoyed this random piece of wood in the grass. It’s the simple things.


Prepping for the next few rooms on our reno list, Jason and my dad unloaded another huge stack of drywall. If anyone is curious what our living room looks like, its basically a big ass stack of building materials and random furniture covered under plastic.


The nice weather certainly didn’t last and Friday featured a windstorm with gusts up to 70 mph. I skipped the grocery store and stayed in for the night. I was able to re-organize the basement and started getting some blankets out for the bedroom.


Jason and I were prepping to do some drywall work in the hall and some other miscellaneous reno tasks. But first, we headed over to RHouse for Brunch. We both shared a waffle from Little Baby’s Ice Cream, a donut from Donut Stop Believin’ and the Maple Butter Fried Chicken Sandwich from BRD.

When we got back home, I put a few random items in the bedroom to get a glimpse at how everything is coming together.

I think I’m going to like it here …

There’s only a few things left to do in the room but finishing work takes time to do right. I can’t help but get excited about moving in though!

After we wrapped up work for the day, we headed to the American Visionary Art Museum for the 2018 Small Foods Party! The event is a celebration of “petite edibles” and features creative takes on popular dishes. We arrived a little late but it was still neat to check out all of the different creations around the room.

And it’s never a bad time to explore the AVAM.


We worked on fitting the baseboards in the bedroom and hanging the drywall in the upstairs hallway, fitting in an unexpected Home Depot trip along the way.

Photographing retail stores seems to be my new hobby.

It was Oscars night and despite the fact that I’m certain the ceremony get more boring every year, I always manage to watch it. We joined friends and brought wings from IBar to help make the evening more exciting.

The show ran ridiculously long (shocking!) and we strolled back home late and sleepy. Jason still had to check in on our weekend handy work one last time.

We have a lot more cool reno projects coming up as we start work on the office and bathroom. I seriously can’t wait to keep marking items off our to-do list. Everyday I feel one step closer to a finished house!!

What was the highlight of your week?

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