Weekly Photo Recap: Lights

Posted on March 13, 2018 by Lindsay

I’m still silently celebrating how productive we were last week! Take a look at some of our progress.



Had to wiggle our butts over to IKEA and return some stuff. I picked up lamps for the bedroom and succumbed to peer pressure in the grocery section.


Nothing crazy to report. I started moving some items into the bedroom and organizing books for the shelves!


I tried to make my mid-week morning as comfortable as possible.

Ran around in the mud (much like every day) before venturing home with my favorite co-pilot.

Unearthed some boxes from the basement and added a few more things to the bedroom!


After work and before podcasting, Jason picked up a few delightful treats from Blacksauce Kitchen. As frequent readers probably already know, Blacksauce has become one of our favorite restaurants in the area and a bit of a weekly tradition for us since we moved here. Later on in the evening, sometime around midnight, Jason woke me up because he thought he smelled fire. While we thankfully did not have anything wrong at the house, we soon found out that it was Blacksauce that had suffered an unfortunate fire. We are still shocked and very upset by the news but hopeful that they will be able to bounce back and re-join the neighborhood soon. For updates on Blacksauce, make sure to follow them on Facebook.


The start of a busy weekend. After work, Jason was able to get the back hallway wall trim and drywall up. I can’t believe the whole hallway is almost ready to paint!

Next, we headed over to Urban Air Trampoline Park for my nephew’s 12th birthday party! I seriously can’t believe how grown up he is already – he is the absolute sweetest.

Oh and this is a gif of the lighting at Urban Air. Try not to be hypnotized.

For dinner, Jason and I made a quick stop off for sushi before heading home to PASS OUT.


The usual Saturday morning – wake up, grab breakfast and get on to the renovation work.

Here’s a little visual list of everything we marked off our to-do list:

Finished cutting the bedroom baseboards:

Installed sub-floor in the office/hallway:

Finished painting all of the baseboards:

Removed the (unfortunate) damaged trim on the office interior window:

Finally finished up the last coat of stain/poly on the previously damaged credenza:

I am super proud of myself for this project btw – I’ll have to show off a better quality side-by-side comparison on this in a future post.

Later that night it was off to Homeslyce Pizza to celebrate Julia’s birthday! Pizza, beer and karaoke was the theme of the night.

You can tell I was sufficiently intoxicated based on how blurry the photos turned out! Happy Birthday Julia!!


We were busy with all sorts of things on Sunday including housework and pretending like Daylight Savings wasn’t a thing. We are so close to finishing all of the bedroom minutia (filling in nail holes in the baseboards, caulking, re-installing the ceiling fan, that sort of thing) but I am just feeling so good about everything already! This is the only shot I’ll share of what the room is shaping up to look like because we haven’t decided just yet on what will stay and what will go.

Would anyone be interested in seeing a whole room tour once the space is complete?
I’m thinking about doing one post on the renovations and one post on the decor and design.

What was the highlight of your week?

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