Weekly Photo Recap: Caffeinated

Posted on March 20, 2018 by Lindsay

What a week! Take a look at how I’m coping with the Daylight Savings Time change.

THE WEEK OF MARCH 12th, 2018


We met friends for dinner at RHouse and I welcomed the chance to get some tasty Korean BBQ from BeBim.

After dinner, Jason and I went to see a movie (Game Night – which I really enjoyed!)

& Just Wondering – Is it a requirement for movie theater carpet to be butt ugly?

Also – is anyone else super excited to see Hereditary? Check out the trailer here.


I had a rough time sleeping this week and I certainly wasn’t feeling like I was getting enough rest. I wanted to get more organization done but just worked on the new closet.


Wednesday was somehow worse than the previous day so I just made the decision to try and get in as much sleep as possible. I slept for a few hours after dinner but eventually woke up later on. It kind of worked?


Always a busy day when I have a podcast scheduled. Jason worked on the new wall separating the office and bathroom and he was able to finish installing all of the closets!

It might be hard for to visualize the final project without seeing it in person but I am so excited already!


I stopped at a thrift store after work and even though I didn’t find something for myself, I did admire this lovely oil painting.

Later, we ate MORE Korean BBQ with our BFFs.


We were up early on the weekend but not for renovation work – Jason and I were headed to Coffee Fest Baltimore!

Coffee Fest is a trade show for all different types of coffee industry professionals. We felt very privileged to cover the event as press and loved connecting with all sorts of local brands. I’ll have more coverage on the event later this week (including some of our favorite coffee spots) but in the meantime, here are just a few photos:

We were well caffeinated.

We were pretty hungry afterwards so we headed over to Spoons Cafe for a sloppy, delicious late breakfast.

Later that night, we met with friends for a night of Nintendo, cold cuts and a bad movie. A perfect Saturday.


We teamed up to tackle the bedroom finishing work throughout the day. It seems so simple but it is just so many steps. (Also, did I mention we bought a rug for the bedroom?!)

We finally were able to install our curtain rods. We still need to have them hemmed but I love the way they look on the windows! I was nervous the color would be too heavy but having a black out curtain is essential given how much light spills into the room.

We finished everything else in the room expert for the door trim and shoe molding. Once those are nailed in, we just have to wood putty the holes, sand it down and finish with the touch up paint. THEN, we will be able to get our furniture in the room and finish the office walls. YAY!!!

We are definitely looking forward to moving in!

What was the highlight of your week?

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