Weekly Photo Recap: Spring?

Posted on March 27, 2018 by Lindsay

A fun week of weather and good times with friends – welcome to this week’s recap!

THE WEEK OF MARCH 19th, 2018


Heavy eyelids and an impending snow storm loomed over most of Monday.

When I got home from work, I cuddled up with a book in the bedroom window nook (I mean, that’s what it’s for right?) Ellie was wondering why I was taking over her spot.


My office gifted Ellie with a cute little raincoat to help combat the slushy winter weather mix outside.

Jason and I were way too indulgent for dinner, which included fried chicken sandwiches and sugary cocktails. This seemed to spark a dangerous trend.


The first day of Spring also happened to be Baltimore’s first bonafide Snow Day of the year. I was able to stay home from work and spend the day actually enjoying the weather rather than just whining about it.

It was a slow start checking emails and sipping coffee.

Love the snowy scenes outside the window.

Later in the day, we took Ellie to Wyman Park to run around like a maniac.


If you want to sum up the start of Spring in Baltimore you can just take a look at these two photos taken on the same day.


The Baltimore Museum of Art was hosting another wonderful event – Art After Hours: Moondust & Stargazing! The event highlighted the new Moon Dust exhibit by Spencer Finch and it is really stunning. The BMA write-up describes the installation:

“The work consists of 150 individual chandeliers with 417 lights. The chandeliers are hung individually from the ceiling and form one large, cloud-like structure. Although an abstract sculpture, the installation is also a scientifically precise representation of the chemical composition of moon dust as it was gathered during the Apollo 17 mission.”

Enjoy this overload of sparkly photos:

& My beautiful BFFs ♥


All week long I was looking forward to Lady Brunch (yes, that’s what I’m calling it.)

We decided on RHouse for grub. First, coffee from Ground & Griddled and a donut from the Full Circle pop up!

For my meal I went with the brunch plate from White Envelope and hot damn it was good.

After we finished eating, we headed over to B. Willow plant shop to get lost in a field of green.

We parted ways after procuring some pretty new greenery. I stopped to grab Jason lunch on my way home and noticed these two new flavors at the Donut Stop Believing pop up. I couldn’t resist.

I re-potted my plants when I got home and now they are lookin’ fresh!


We finished up a lot of house stuff this weekend including some office drywall which allowed us to do a massive clean out of the upstairs. I did a terrible job photographing our progress but it is so exciting I can barely handle it! It won’t be long before we are painting the hallway and office – then its on to the Bathroom!!!!!!!

Oh and we ate a Bertha’s for dinner 🙂

What was the highlight of your week?

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