Weekly Photo Recap: NOLA

Posted on April 27, 2018 by Lindsay

My apologies for the late weekly recap update – we just recently got back from New Orleans + I have tons of photos to share!

THE WEEK OF APRIL 16th, 2018


A typical, simple Monday – for dinner we made a tasty spinach noodle pasta.

I re-organized the basement and started daydreaming about where I’m going to hang all of our art. I found this big guy thrifting a few weeks back and I can’t wait to hang it somewhere!


Ellie chewed on a big stick. We ate lettuce wrap tacos.


Clear skies AM to PM

I tried taking selfies with Ellie in the car. She doesn’t get it.


A surprise batch of treats from Paradise Donuts landed in the office break room 🙂


After work, we boarded a plane and made our way to New Orleans! We arrived in town late so but we had time to stop in a bar for a few drinks, old trivia and Thai dumplings.

Not a bad way to kick things off.


We woke up bright and early to soak in some sunshine and eat beignets of course.

We strolled through the neighborhood and over to the park.

City Park was so green and lovely.

First it was into Morning Call for our first taste of hot, fresh beignets.

After the quick bite, we checked out more of the park and the sculpture garden.

On our way to our next stop I couldn’t stop taking photos of all of the architecture (actually, I didn’t stop doing this for the rest of the trip.) It’s easily one of the most charming aspects of the town. I yelled at Jason several times to “Check out this porch!”

For breakfast, we ate at a great spot called Biscuits & Buns on Banks. I went with mini biscuits with andouille + chorizo gravy and a waffle with fruit AND EVERYTHING WAS VERY DELICIOUS.

Ready to walk off some of our food, we made our way to Crescent Park and indulged in some of the best views of the city.


Next up, making our way over to live music spots and the French Quarter!

Side note – While I didn’t end up buying anything, Palace Market is pretty damn cool! An outdoor local artists alley with vendors selling a variety of cool creations.

Then it was into The Spotted Cat Music Club for drinks and Jazz.

We explored more of Frenchman Street and beyond.

We felt obliged to check out the famous Muffaletta sandwich at Central Grocery & Deli and it did not disappoint!

More sightseeing, including Jackson Square.

Quick coffee stop at Spitfire Coffee.

We caught one of many wedding parades strolling through the city!

More exploring!


For a random side trip, we went into the lobby of The Westin on Canal Place for a few more city views.

Dinner time! We waited in line to sample some yummy NOLA grub from Mother’s. The shrimp & fried oyster Po Boy was my fav.

I insisted on a fancy cocktail from The Swizzle Stick Bar at Cafe Adelaide – with a name like that, how could you go wrong?

We ended the night strolling around the wonderful city, listening to music and enjoying each other’s company – basically the entire vibe of the trip!!


First on the agenda? Coffee and treats, obviously. We decided on HiVolt Coffee for our first stop.

Cafe Au Lait donut!

Then to Surrey’s Café & Juice Bar for breakfast. Yes, migas. Yes.

Then more exploring:

Then more iced coffee:

(Mojo Coffee was soooo good.)

Time for an album cover photoshoot.

Then we headed into the Garden District to explore more wonderful architectural beauties.

Here’s the house featured in American Horror Story Coven!

Discovered the beauty of Lafayette Cemetery.

Next – the shops and more on Magazine Street.

(Spotted Ellie in a lil mural)

Grabbed a gelato + macaron from Sucré.

Then we headed to one of my favorite stops of the trip – the bar Hot Tin.

The gorgeous spot had fun cocktails and an incredible city view.

Next we made a quick stop in The Avenue Pub for more drinks, small bites and a quick regrouping session.

Then it was more food, more drinks and more music.

At Balcony Music Club, we all collectively fell in love with the Jazmarae band.

More great tunes and vibes at Bamboula’s.

Then it was late night snack time at Dat Dog

And finally, after hours café au laits & beignets at Café du Monde!!

Next week’s recap will continue with our time in NOLA and I will eventually have more posts up with ALL the photos from the trip 😀

What was the highlight of your week?

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