Weekly Photo Recap: Breach

Posted on May 22, 2018 by Lindsay

Well now, it looks like it’s time for another recap. Let’s go –

THE WEEK OF MAY 14th, 2018


Folks, I’m not going to lie to you – I had a particularly rough week. I don’t care to go into too much detail, mainly because the more I dwell on the issue the more stressed out I become. Just take my word for it and attempt to enjoy this measly update.

Jason had a hankering for burgers so he whipped us up some delicious patties for dinner.


A highlight of my week was finally getting my haircut! My hair has been getting pretty rough especially with all of the renovation work so it feels so good having it short once again.


Sometimes at work, Ellie likes to completely ignore her dog bed.

Portrait of a wet dog that is tired of the rain.


We got the pegboard up in the office and its now ready to paint! I can’t wait to finish this project and fill the wall with fun stuff.


Caught a few snapshots of a wild animal.

Jason and I were exceptionally boring this week. We had a lot going on outside of the renovation but also wanted to stay on track for getting projects done for the upcoming Memorial Day weekend (especially because we didn’t have a lot of time to get things done this weekend) What I’m saying is that we ordered food and went to Home Depot and caught up on Westworld.


Ellie was already tuned into my mood bright and early.

I had some dumb stuff to take care of on Saturday so I pleaded with Jason that we take Ellie for a rainy walk to get donuts. He complied and we picked up tasty treats from Full Circle aka the bright spot of my day.

Later in the evening, Jason was able to take up the old sheet vinyl in the bathroom and started prepping for more demo on Sunday.


Ellie attempted to wake Jason up by being super cute.

We did finally wake up, super early in fact, and ate a quick breakfast at Square Meal – the morning food spot inside the new Revival Hotel in Baltimore.

After breakfast, we took a brief peek upstairs to see the beautiful interiors and lovely views of the Mount Vernon neighborhood.

We went back home to work on the house but I didn’t take many photos. I did finally finish priming and caulking the entire office though!

What was the highlight of your week?

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