Weekly Photo Recap: Mixed

Posted on May 31, 2018 by Lindsay

It’s been a hell of a week. Here’s what happened –

THE WEEK OF MAY 21th, 2018


First off, I have to mention that I’ve started a devastating trend of getting giant Dunkin Donuts iced coffees everyday. It is a problem and my current obsession and it needs to stop.

On a positive note, Jason and I had another successful week making dinners at home. I’m always down for teriyaki stir fry.


The trend continues! A quick pasta dish for dinner:


The mid-week menu item: delicious crock pot ribs!

After dinner we made a trip to Home Depot to prepare for weekend renovation work. I will be so insanely happy when I no longer have to step foot in this store.

Basically, I just buy plants every time I stop in to make myself feel better.

Also, ice cream helps.


Who needs a shower anyway? Thursday, we threw caution to the wind and started demoing the bathroom early! It felt kind of awesome to finally get rid of the old, crappy shower surround.

Afterwards we had dinner and cocktails at R House (before ANOTHER Home Depot trip!)


The three day weekend was here and our goal was to take the extra time to get one of our bigger renovation projects out of the way. But first, a pup play date interlude! Ellie had her first swim party of the season.



I convinced Jason that if we woke up early in the morning to get donuts at the 32nd Street Farmers Market then we could get started early on our renovation work. A successful trip yielded a slew of donuts from the Donut Stop Believin Maryland-themed pop-up.

Ellie was tired from her early morning walk and didn’t help out with the bathroom renovation at all. What a slouch.

Our renovation efforts finished off nicely. With help from Jason’s aunt, we rebuilt the shower wall, started to rough in the new plumbing, put up all of the cement board and finished mudding the seams with thinset. Whew!

A late night dinner came courtesy of Shoyou Sushi.


A quick stop into Ground & Griddled for iced coffee.

We worked on the bathroom again all day which included completely waterproofing the shower, priming the back brick wall and finishing running the plumbing.

Another quick late night dinner at Blue Agave before finally getting back home to pass out.

What was the highlight of your week?

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