Weekly Photo Recap: Tile

Posted on June 5, 2018 by Lindsay

Our biggest renovation project yet kicked off last week. Here’s a sneak peek at the progress –

THE WEEK OF MAY 28th, 2018


We spent our Memorial Day working on the house. I woke up early to get a start on painting the office closets. Much like our bedroom closet, we decided to paint the inside of the office closets a fun color to add some drama to the otherwise white rooms.

This color is called “Unmellow Yellow”

Back in the bathroom, we FINALLY started tiling and wow, were we in for a treat. It was easily the most tedious project we’ve taken on to date and it took MUCH longer than we anticipated. We were only able to finish the back wall of the shower before having to call it quits.

The grout lines needed to be cleaned but otherwise we were both happy with how it turned out. Just reeling from the huge reality check of how long the project was actually going to take to complete. 😲


The tile was looking good. We still had to go through and clean out all of the mortar between the tiles to get it read for grout.

ALSO – we finally bit the bullet and tried out HelloFresh (I guess all of those podcast adverts are working) but we were very happy with the first meal we tried.


We had a brief break from the house work thanks to Jason’s sister who scored us a few free Orioles Game tickets!


Trying to maintain any sense of sanity in an active construction zone is a steep task but having a clean bedroom and a cozy candle helps.

We also happily moved along the recipes from HelloFresh and honestly loved all of them. The ingredients were very fresh, it didn’t take long to prep or cook and every meal was very filling. I’m looking forward to continuing the subscription and hopefully being able to drastically cut down on my grocery store visits.


Happy National Donut Day! I reminisced about my fav donuts on my Instagram Stories (you can still check it out in the highlights) and realized I’ve had a privileged donut life.


The office was fully painted! There are only a few small projects left in this space (adding the closet doors, installing the shelves & adding the corkboard wall) but I am so happy with how it is shaping up!

I can’t wait to put everything up on the pegboard wall and get my life organized once again!

Also we worked on tiling all day…yep!


Guess what? More tiling! Except this time we finished!!!! This isn’t a finished photo so I don’t know why I just got so excited typing that but this is a progress shot when we got down to finishing the last row.

Now all we need to do is finish cleaning out the mortar, GROUT THIS SONOFABITCH, install the awesome new shower hardware and clean the tub!! It seems like there is a lot to go but the bathroom is actually coming together quite nicely and I’m so happy with all of the progress we’ve made. Soon enough we will have a finshed bathroom then new flooring and that means the entire upstairs will be complete!!!!!!!!!

What was the highlight of your week?

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