Weekly Photo Recap: Shower

Posted on June 18, 2018 by Lindsay

I’ll be playing catch-up this week with recaps so stay tuned for more. Also, I hope you like progress photos of tile showing off minor, tedious details!

THE WEEK OF JUNE 4th, 2018


The saving grace to my light photo recaps is that you can always count on at least a few cute photos of Ellie. She has really been enjoying this car-ride weather.


Finally snapped a few progress photos of the finished shower tile! Still in need of grout and some obvious finishing touches but it felt SO GOOD to finally have that stage of the project wrapped up.

We were basically as wiped out as Ellie was.


I was feeling antsy so I decided to test out some of the pegboard organization in the office. It will probably change several hundred times before we actually finish unboxing everything but still – I couldn’t resist filling the space with some fun stuff I had lying around upstairs.

I keep getting too excited and impatient for the space to be complete! Oh well, what’s the renovation for if we can’t have a bit of decorating fun in the interim.


I’m still in disbelief that it’s June already. My little desktop calendar keeps reminding my that I should be travelling more.

Thursday wasn’t terribly eventful. I had a doctor’s appointment and thrifted a beautiful set of Mid Century walnut plates.


Jas and I spent our Friday night grouting tile like real party animals. We certainly took our time making sure we were being thorough but it was nowhere near as painstaking as actually laying the tile. We both were very happy with the way the light grey color turned out!


I didn’t do a great job photographing any of of our other renovation projects from the weekend apart from the shower. We did manage to caulk – which brought us one step closer to completion!


As the week came to a close, we were at last, able to finally install our new shower system! We weren’t able to shower in it just yet because we still needed to put on the grout sealer but it was looking mighty spiffy!

I can’t wait to post more about our progress with the upstairs as we are getting pretty close to finishing. I’m still in shock typing that out but so excited to move on to the downstairs of the house!!

What was the highlight of your week?

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