Weekly Photo Recap: Basic

Posted on July 23, 2018 by Lindsay

It seems more than appropriate that I have to double up on recap posts this week considering how sparse they are. We’ve been busy bees so deal with it!

THE WEEK OF JULY 9th, 2018


Jason has been incredibly motivating and encouraging to make time during the week to get outside. I’m looking forward to our upcoming camping road trip and hoping I can whip my butt into shape.


I finally made the leap and decided to pick up a new phone. My old phone was well…old and had been dying a little more each day. I was overjoyed when my Pixel 2 came in but so busy that I had to wait until the weekend (more like 11pm on Sunday night) to even set it up!


Late Wednesday night, Jason and I met up with our friend Allison at Golden West Cafe for Shocktail Hour – a night of B-Horror movies and themed cocktails – Honestly, what more could you need?


Hello Fresh is still a lifesaver over in our chaotic kitchen. This meaty chili dish was delicious!


I wish I could tell you we had a fun, wild weekend but alas we mainly worked on the house. We did get out for a hike on Friday and I found myself daydreaming as I looked out the sunroof. Camping can’t come soon enough.


A quick breakfast shot courtesy of Dooby’s 🙂

Okay! So the bathroom is really coming along. Besides the flooring, the major work has been finished!

The new wall we made is looking great. I am getting increasingly more excited to see the finished project.


Along with a 100 other things, we were able to get the first coat of primer up in the bathroom!

Almost there…

What was the highlight of your week?

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