Weekly Photo Recap: Ragged

Posted on August 3, 2018 by Lindsay

I spent the last week trying to stay afloat and stay on track. Here’s your photo recap –

THE WEEK OF JULY 23rd, 2018


I guess Monday kicked off the tone for the week as I battled a very annoying sore throat/ear ache combo. These photos accurately describe my day to night happenings.


When in doubt – throw all caution to the wind and get yourself a glazed donut for breakfast.

I continued to soothe my sore throat via sweet treats. Also, I guess I really need to fill that frame with some art.


Nothing much to report mid-week but my very lovely bath rug came in the mail! Ellie was smitten.


It’s easy to leave the messy bedroom in the morning but tough to leave this cutie behind.

Once again, Hello Fresh to the rescue.


The day started off with a bang as I blew a tire on the side of the freeway. Fun stuff!

Later, it rained an obscene amount, our power went out and we ate pizza in the dark.


Our goal for the weekend was to finally tile the bathroom so we started work by mapping out the pattern and making tile cuts.

The toilet plumbing cuts were some of the most complicated cuts we had to make but we were pretty happy with the way the wet saw performed.

We started a process that we estimated would take maybe 4 hours and ended up taking a conservative 12 HOURS. The thinset drying on my leg looked like I was developing Greyscale from Game of Thrones.

We worked until about midnight and finished laying everything but the last row (which we had forgotten to cut earlier and it was too late to use the wet saw.) What. A. Day.


We finished the tiling and a few little projects but mainly took it easy. All I wanted to do was sleep in the window seat with my favorite girl.

What was the highlight of your week?

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