Weekly Photo Recap: Overdrive

Posted on August 13, 2018 by Lindsay

We have been busting our butts to get the top floor of our renovation finished. Take a look at our progress and more –

THE WEEK OF JULY 30th, 2018


First things first – I almost completely forgot to photograph these amazing vintage chairs I picked up a few weeks ago! The are sitting in storage until we can actually fit them in the house and I am officially counting down the days!


When we grouted our bathroom tile over the weekend we had to wait until Sunday to finish the last row. This meant that we would have to wait until Tuesday to continue grouting. Not exactly the best day of the week to DIY but we started off by removing the spacers. Good news was that the tile came out nice and level! Bad news was we still needed to clean off all the excess mortar.


It’s August! I can hardly believe it. We need to kick this renovation into overdrive!

After work, Ellie had a vet appointment where she was given a clean bill of health and rated #1 Good Girl Doggo despite this ridiculous facial expression.

Later in the evening, Jason and I met up with friends at Blue Pit BBQ for a delicious dinner.


The stressful week was already taking a toll. All I wanted to do was snuggle back in bed (I wonder how often I mention that in these recap posts?)


Friday night we finally were able to fully clean the tile –

Then start grouting!


We kicked off our weekend morning with a visit to Second Chance and continued our never-ending search for cool doors.

After that, a quick nacho lunch from Holy Frijoles.

While the tile was setting, Jason got to work on our complete stairwell overhaul.

Later that night, we attended our friend’s going away party (he’s moving to England for a year!) and for some reason, Jason and I took a few selfies together – a rare occasion!


Back at the house, I did some major cleaning (all of which seems to be completely undone within a matter of days) while Jason went back to the stairs. This time getting most of the walls planked!

That’s all for now but of course there is more to come!

What was the highlight of your week?

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