Weekly Photo Recap: Green

Posted on August 15, 2018 by Lindsay

Playing catch up with photos – here is last week’s recap!



In an attempt to get little To-Do list items off of the reno list, we’ve been trying wrap up small projects wherever we can. On Monday, I finally put up the removable wallpaper in the back of the medicine cabinet. It’s pretty darn cute if I do say so myself.


Nothing too exciting to report, just this ridiculous photo of me trying to take a selfie with Ellie at work.


Wednesday evening, I met up with Jess, Allison & Julia at B. Willow for a succulent building workshop! We were eager to try out one of the workshops, so I was looking forward to finally getting into it!

Our instructor was very helpful and explained the process in a way that was well-suited to everyone’s skill level. It was also nice to have a resource to tap for our 1,001 plant questions.

By the end of the class, everyone’s planters were looking so lovely and unique!

It was a fun experience and I’m already looking forward to booking another class. 10/10 Would Recommend.

Afterwards, we went to dinner and discussed all matter of things, including my desire to include more photos of people in these weekly recaps and my inability to figure out how to take an outfit photo of myself.


Finally, a nice reprieve from the constant rain.

Here’s me trying to take one of those outfit photos I was talking about! I guess a full length mirror might be the best bet.


Late in the evening, it was finally time to seal the damn bathroom tile grout. Our initial grout was supposed to look darker than how it dried so we wanted to seal the grout with a darker sealer. Here’s a bit of the before –

The tile looks darker in person but with the brightness of the spotlight I was using to work, it looks lighter. Anyway, it was time to get to work.

Basically, I had to go over every single grout line and completely fill it in. Again, something I didn’t think would take me as long as it did. It’s a bit hard to tell what the final product looks like here because the tile sealer was still drying sporadically but I’m so glad it turned out much darker!

Finished product photos to come soon!


I was sleepy but we couldn’t sleep in too long.

Time for more cleaning and cutting and painting (I did so much painting and took no photos, go figure.) But by the end of the night, Jason had almost finished the new stairs!

We decided to save our last minute Home Depot trip for the next morning and instead have a late night dinner at the delightful 29th Street Tavern.


Another early weekend day started and we headed to Home Depot with a quick breakfast stop at my favorite, Fractured Prune.

More painting, cutting and cleaning for Sunday. And Jason finished off the last stair steps!!

The whirlwind of a weekend finally came to a close and Jason and I met up with Allison at R.House for their Summer Camp movie series to watch Wet Hot American Summer.


What was the highlight of your week?

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