Weekly Photo Recap: Organize

Posted on August 24, 2018 by Lindsay

I’ve been trying to stay on top of everything as we prepare to take our renovation work downstairs. Here’s a few updates.



It seems like we are pushing ourselves everyday to get as much done as possible at the house. We are very close to completing the renovation of all of the rooms upstairs but the finishing work can be time consuming. We are trying to make every free minute count as we get closer to our trip in September. Of course, we always look out for our favorite girl, who has been an absolute trooper throughout this whole process.

I’m also trying to keep up with small self care routines. I like using this Many Moons workbook (all the thanks go to Jess for getting me into this book) to journal and take time for reflection.


I knocked off a big looming To-Do list item and finally organized all of the clothing and closets. I did a nice purge and organized all of our seasonal items, coats, travel gear etc. It was a huge relief to finally take care of that task.


A quick shout out to one of my favorite local grub spots Sweet 27 – I LOVE their mango chicken & plantains with black beans.

We made it to Home Depot a record number of times this week. My jaw dropped when I checked out the plant section and saw that they had this gorgeous, gnarly Pitcher Plant available! We aren’t ready to pick one up yet but seeing a big one up close was so cool!


Just a few pics of a girl and her dog enjoying the perks of having a dog friendly office.

After work, I thrifted a wonderful mid century hamper (one of my big searches for a while now) for $5! It was pretty dingy and it has lost its cute starburst medallion (you can see the original here) but it looked great after a deep clean. Here’s a little before and after shot.

All it needs now is a new starburst pin and a fresh liner, then it will be all set!


We finished installing and painting the office shelving earlier in the week and I loved the way they turned out. We still need to install the closet doors but in the meantime we thought it would be a good idea to get our things in order.

I worked late into the night organizing all of our filing and paperwork. The space works out great and offers up a ton of storage for all of our stuff.


We had a break in the routine on Saturday as we attended a going away party for our friend who is moving to Seattle! It was a lovely day outside and we had a nice time saying our farewells to equally lovely people.


I made a pit stop with Allison to the Vintage & Handmade market that was happening over at RHouse.

I picked up some cute goodies including some pins & stickers from Kelly Roman – an awesome artist that Allison and I actually met at the butterfly pinning class we attended earlier in the summer!

Her work is seriously fantastic and I highly recommend checking out her Instagram to stalk all of her new creations.

Last, but certainly not least, Allison picked me up the coolest gift on her recent trip to the PNW. She got to check out the prime Twin Peaks filming locations and I am beyond jealous. I can’t wait to get out there one day!

We also worked a lot and made tons of strides on the bathroom so look out for proper photos next week!

What was the highlight of your week?

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