Weekly Photo Recap: Backdrops

Posted on August 31, 2018 by Lindsay

We started wrapping up the bathroom this week but you wouldn’t know it from this week’s photos. Good luck getting through the recap!



I did some more cleaning around the office and finally saw the new wall taking shape! We still need to make the last bookshelf, install the closet doors and close the air vent but the project is just about wrapped up!


I found a new mug that looks great on my desk at work!


Some of Ellie’s fav spots for a nap at my office.


Pound cake for breakfast? Yes, please.

(I guess I was so busy at home that I only managed to take photos at work? Sounds about right.)


Bean and I found a cute wall on our lunch time walk. I think she does a better job modeling than I do.

Jason and I took Ellie’s evening walk over to the Sisson Street park in the neighborhood and it is so cute. We both made a promise to come back and have our morning coffee one day soon.


We have been working nonstop on the house (honestly, that’s why I don’t have many fun photos/stories to share) but we are determined to get ourselves in a good position to finish some work before our upcoming trip. We wrapped up work super late on Saturday and demanded coffee refreshments before heading into Home Depot for the 4th time of the week. (How cool is this wall btw? – Also, it was cold enough to wear a big sweatshirt??)

We spent the rest of the evening (and late night) over at Jess and Rob’s house and indulged in some amazing homemade pasta while discussing the validity of pasta-related gifs.


Not trying to brag, but we finished up some major projects in the bathroom. The next week will be focused on some of the finer details as we also get ready for some bigger projects. Hopefully, I can do a cute little room tour in next week’s recap but in the meantime, here’s the color reveal for the bathroom closets.

What was the highlight of your week?

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