Weekly Photo Recap: Growing

Posted on September 7, 2018 by Lindsay

Finally! Another update – let’s jump right in:



I’m gonna give it to you straight – I snapped a lot of dog pics this week so… you’ve been warned.

There are a bunch of cicada shells in the green space next too my work. They have such a unique look – I’m thinking about trying to take one home and frame it somehow.


I had to run some errands with the dog in the hot, hot heat (including a trip to Home Depot, kill me.) She was a super well behaved pup so I let her get down on a nice cold treat.


Again – more errands after work including a follow up vet appointment for Ellie. I guess we had to get more treats.

Later, Jason and I went out to a late dinner at Clavel and discussed our goals for the weeks ahead.


There was only so much that we could get done for the renovation during the week but the bathroom shelf was finally cured enough to mount on the wall! I just threw some random items on it for the interim but i think it looks really snazzy paired with our vintage pendant light.


Over the weekend, we knew we had to accomplish a few major things for the house: (1) organize and purge everything humanly possible (2) work towards finishing all of the downstairs ceiling-related projects to get the drywall up & (3) maybe, if possible, finish the remaining work checklist for the bathroom. As close as we are to finishing, we realized (perhaps too late) that we needed to put a hold the work in the bathroom so that we could get the drywall finished while we are away on vacation.

We spent Friday night continuing to organize and getting everything (and I mean everything) in order. I was desparate to start finishing up the bathroom but I still needed to finish painting baseboards and trim and blah blah blah. The inside of the shower however, is completely finished so here’s another sprinkle of an “after” photo featuring our lovely tile, corner shelves and wonderful new shower rod:


We spent most of the day organizing and were forced to move a bunch of stuff around to make more room downstairs. The office is currently home to both our old toilet and the guest room desk which I was honestly just excited to see out from under plastic.

In the evening, we headed over to our friend’s beer release party! The fabulous Julia gifted me with this massive book she picked up for me at a yard sale!


It was a 3-day weekend and Sunday was a LONG day. Besides waking up early every day to do small work in the bathroom, we were also working on getting the house debris out of the way and putting up the framing to level out the ceilings.

It was one of many late nights, that’s for sure.

What was the highlight of your week?

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