Weekly Photo Recap: Deconstruction

Posted on October 9, 2018 by Lindsay

I’m working on catching up and so many other things.



As I mentioned in the last recap, demo had already kicked back off at the house. We pivoted our focus to the kitchen for a few reasons but mainly because we need to have our cabinets in to schedule our counter top fitting and make sure we are inside our return window in case anything needs to be changed. So the upstairs is briefly on hold while we work on getting the major kitchen projects started. We finished demoing the walls and found more cool wallpaper. Well, I’m in love with the pattern but it certainly has seen better days.


I’ve been having some issues with my skin lately and decided to indulge in my biggest self care guilty pleasure. My face seems to be accurately displaying my anguish but damn the bathroom looks good!


Right as I was leaving work, I spotted this sad little butterfly completely undisturbed on the asphalt. I brought it home with me and can hopefully pin it alongside my other two beautiful butterflies!

Jason and I worked on planning out our renovation strategy for the kitchen. There is so much work to do but the space will hopefully be spectacular once it’s complete.


Finally, I was back to recording the podcast with the group! I always miss my BFFs dearly after too many skipped recording sessions. Jess and Rob brought everyone some Fisher’s popcorn back from Ocean City so that was a good way for me to kill dinner.


We met up with Jess and Rob at Koco’s Pub to try out their famous crabcakes.

They were pretty tasty! Just make sure you don’t order the applesauce unless you want a Mott’s snackable.


Oh how I love waking up and heading straight for the Home Depot parking lot. It’s renovation weekend – What are you gonna do? On a semi-related side note: I can’t believe (a) I was stupid enough to wear my Allbirds when we first started renovating the house and (b) they have held up so well! One day when I don’t have to spend my money on Painter’s tape and dust masks I’ll treat myself to a new pair.

I think Ellie secretly likes helping us get 2x4s at Home Depot.

We stopped for coffee. I drank this whole thing.

We started working in the kitchen but around lunchtime I made a quick trip to get some Donut Stop Believin’ treats. Look, I’m a simple human. If I find out you have new fall donut flavors, I’m gonna hit that up. Please enjoy these visual depictions:

The “That’s My Yam” donut – Sweet potato cake donut with brown butter ginger glaze and marshmallow topping

The “Apple Bottom Jeans” donut – Apple butter filled donut with vanilla bean sea salt glaze and oat streusel topping


Work, work, work! We finally finished putting up the kitchen ceiling drywall and now it’s looking great next to the rest of the finished ceiling!

What was the highlight of your week?

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