Weekly Photo Recap: Selfie

Posted on October 19, 2018 by Lindsay

Last week I took more photos of myself than I have all year. Why? Because why not!



It occurred to me very recently that I take more photos of the food I eat than the people I love. Seems problematic, no? It also occurred to me that I rarely take photos of myself for reasons that escape me. Maybe it’s because I was all about hitting the good angles in my Myspace days and now I feel like I’ve filled up my life selfie quota. Maybe it’s because I often find “looking nice” for the camera overwhelming which in turn leads me to being hyper critical about my appearance. Whatever the case, I almost always feel intimidated to post a photo of myself and that’s probably not a good thing. Taking note of this and my lack of photos of loved ones, I decided that next year I want to expand my weekly recaps by attempting to photograph a person everyday. Hopefully, this will push me to capture moments outside my usual perspective and allow me to look back on my year through a new, wonderful lens.

SO, I arbitrarily decided that this week I would try to take one photo of myself, everyday of the week. I was feeling schlubby and tired so what better time to document ones physical appearance. Sarcasm aside, it was actually kind of helpful to do this exercise. Taking and framing selfies was sort of fun and made me feel better about myself than I anticipated. I was able to look at myself and reflect on the week like I normally do with the recaps, but also encapsulate more of a genuine impression about how I felt that day, which I thought was pretty neat. Alright, so let’s get to it – Here’s what I looked like and what I did last week!

First of all – It was Monday so I think my face speaks for itself.

Second, we had to go to Home Depot – AGAIN. (Seriously, do you guys understand how annoying this part of my life is? It’s infuriating.) I made Jason pose for this photo and I don’t think he was happy about it.


Spirits are higher on Tuesday so my outfit was much more peppy. I still do not understand how people take outfit photos, how do you get your whole face and body in there?!? I will have to do more research on this.

The week prior I had done a little thrifting and decided to photograph some of the cuter finds. I scored not one but TWO Big Hug Mugs (as seen in True Detective – anyone want to rewatch this with me soon?) Now I have THREE of these bad boys in total. What am I going to do with 3 Hug Mugs? Who cares!

I also picked up a couple cool soup mugs for my friend Rob and then this soup set for myself.

And I seriously should not, under any circumstances, be allowing myself to get more coffee mugs but what was I supposed to do – NOT buy this gem?


Standard hump day. The cooler temps have been making dog walks much more enjoyable.

Jason and I ate dinner at Dil’s Kitchen, the Indian restaurant pop-up at R.House. Then we had some cocktails and discussed which types of doors we should buy for the vestibule. RIVETING.

Finally snapped my selfie – do you think this head scarf is too casual for work? I don’t think anyone would tell me not to wear it but I’m on the fence about its level of professionalism.


Such a loooong day. Right after work Jason and I drove over an hour away to look at tile – yes, this is my life now. There are too many options and things to consider. I’ll be a little relieved when all the big decisions are out of the way.

We got home late and I was so tired but I remembered to take my selfie before bed.


I had a cozy, relaxing day that kicked off with a big cup of Dunkin’ Donuts and my new favorite sweater.

I spent the evening catching up on laundry and diving into some scary movies. A+


Spoiler alert – I forgot to snag a selfie! Saturdays are always so busy, I guess I was totally wrapped up and completely forgot – oh well.

We did hit up Second Chance in the morning to look at doors and flooring and about 100 other things but came out empty handed. It was unfortunate but hopefully we will find something in the future.


I spent most of the day working on the house (mainly cleaning, ugh) but I did venture out a few times for some fun stuff! A new pastry place named Little Fig Bakeshop opened up over at Stall 11 in R.House which meant DONUTS!!! I picked up a bunch of their vegan treats and was definitely digging the flavor and texture!

I met up with Allison at the Handmade Halloween Market where we eyed up some spooky arts and crafts while drinking copious amounts of coffee. Here’s my selfie when I got back with my to-go cup 🙂

Anyways, that’s all folks! I can’t promise I’ll take a selfie everyday but hopefully I will get better at inserting myself into my own photo recaps.

What was the highlight of your week?

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