Weekly Photo Recap: Room

Posted on October 23, 2018 by Lindsay

As the temperatures dipped this week, I spent most of my time indoors. Here’s the recap –



I wasn’t feeling well at the start of the week so I stayed home and spent the majority of the day in the bedroom.

Ellie was also having some issues with allergies and was looking for any little spot upstairs to call her own.

In somewhat lighter news – remember this beat-up vintage hamper I picked up a while back? Well, I finally finished cleaning it up and it’s looking much better now! I’m still playing around and trying to find the right insert bag to fit inside. Also, I haven’t found a starburst medallion yet so I’m using this rad bee sticker from Kelly A. Roman.

Not bad for $5!


We ordered takeout for dinner and picked up some new brews for the fridge including this Pumpkin cider from Charm City Meadworks. Jason and I cuddled in for the night to wrap up The Haunting of Hill House and tried to get a little sleep.


I made a dinner request for ramen and it was the best decision I’ve made in a while. You can’t look at this bowl from Mi & Yu Noodle Bar and not get an instant craving.


I was feeling much better later in the week and was low key pretty happy about sweater weather.

I thrifted these shoes a week or so ago and realized the soles had already started to come apart. Fingers crossed that I can find some glue that will piece them back together.


It was our BFF Rob’s birthday! I got a chance to hang out with some of my favorite people and drink too much. It doesn’t get much better than that.


Before we got to work on the house, I had to get some donuts. Yummy treats courtesy of Donut Stop Believin’ & Little Fig Bakeshop.

I think I might need to cut back on donut consumption for a little while. But they make us so happy!

We spent the rest of the day working on the house and we are making some serious progress! I’m so excited to share updates soon 🙂


We were busy working on the house Sunday and Ellie was recuperating with some sunspot snoozing.

The night ended late with some Chinese takeout, Netflix and ZZzzzZZZzz.

What was the highlight of your week?

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