Weekly Photo Recap: Carnivorous

Posted on October 31, 2018 by Lindsay

This week featured home renovations, Autumn leaves and carnivorous plants!



Jason was able to wrap up one of our larger projects by finishing our front door install! Technically, this isn’t the door at the very front of the house but the main door inside the vestibule (but you get it.) Please ignore the crazy walls.

I’ve been saying for a while now how excited I am to work on the interior vestibule. I’m looking forward to it because A) it’s a small space that will be easy to transform and most importantly B) it will be the last room we work on in the renovation!


I was very focused at work this week and with the renovation at home. I’m also trying to figure out some fun stuff for the blog and how to better manage my time (story of my life.) The week was mainly uneventful in the photogenic department but here’s a snap of my quesadilla lunch and a lovely tree I spotted on Ellie’s lunch walk.


The middle of the week was super busy. Directly after work, Jason and I had to head over to IKEA to test out some new cabinets we are considering for our kitchen island. By the time we wrapped up at the store and finished dinner it was already time for bed. Jason presented me with a gift he ordered on a whim – a donut-themed onesie.


It was the night of the B.Willow Botanical Workshop at the Topside Bar in the Revival Hotel! I’ve been to a B.Willow plant workshop before and highly enjoyed it so I was pumped to hear about their Botanical Workshop series. This month’s event theme was carnivorous plants! Ever since the Mid-Atlantic Carnivorous Plant Society came to the Baltimore Museum of Art I’ve been dying to learn more about these badass plants.

The event started with a few appetizers and cocktails before getting into a presentation about the amazing variations of carnivorous plants.

Afterwards, we got to select our own carnivorous plant to take home!

Then, of course, you have to take photos with all of your ridiculously adorable friends.

It was a great night! I’m definitely looking forward to future workshops and events!


We started working on the house Friday night and made it our mission to check off some major to-do list work. The downstairs is already starting to take shape – most of the drywall is up and we started to frame out the new built in.

We are generally starting to wind down on the renovation (sort of) and I can’t wait to enjoy the final product one day soon!


We woke up early and we were busy little bees!

We finished a ton of work and also organized e v e r y t h i n g. Then we had to do a late night run back to IKEA and then Lowes and we still needed to eat. Since we skipped lunch (how does that even happen?) we wound up at our favorite late night spot for Korean BBQ. Somehow, this is the only photo I took? I guess I was too hungry to pick up the camera.


It was a beautiful day out so we decided to walk to Bird in Hand for our morning coffee.

I had to snap some pics of the beautiful fall foliage in Wyman Park.

Some of our tasty pastries:

We finished up more house work and felt great about the progress we made. Celebratory pizza? Don’t mind if I do…

What was the highlight of your week?

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