Rawlings Conservatory and Botanic Gardens in Baltimore, MD

Posted on November 2, 2018 by Lindsay

Last Spring, Jason and I visited the Rawlings Conservatory for the first time while exploring the city with The Baltimore Baton. Take a look at our tour of the gardens and see why we agree that it just might be one of Baltimore’s best kept secrets.

The Rawlings Conservatory is a greenhouse and botanical garden located in Druid Hill Park. The gardens are free to the public but donations are welcomed and encouraged. You can grab a map at the front desk and guide yourself through the various climate-controlled areas to see the incredibly varied flora and plant life.

Here are some of the areas you can explore:

Mediterranean House

This greenhouse area mimics a climate of the Mediterranean region which is characterized by dry summer air and foggy, wet winters.

Tropical House

Here you will find an assortment of gorgeous tropical plant beauties that need ample rain, direct sunlight and high humidity to stay healthy.

Desert House

This dry area showcases plants that are able to withstand harsh, dry climate conditions. These plants are a fascinating array of adaptable wonders.

Orchid Room

The captivating flowering plant is on full display here, showcasing the beauty and popularity of the largest of all the plant groups. (Over 1 in 10 of the earthโ€™s plant species is an orchid!)

Palm House

This fabulous buildings features a global plant collection intended to imitate exhibitions that once frequented Victorian era parlors. This includes many larger, tropical plants commonly housed in public conservatories.

Spring Flower Display

This seasonal showcase was alive with a rainbow of colors thanks to the collection of tulips, hyacinths, and daffodils on display.

Click HERE to find out more information on the Rawlings Conservatory in Baltimore, MD

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