Weekly Photo Recap: Boo!

Posted on November 8, 2018 by Lindsay

2018 is flying by! I’m doing my best to stop and smell the roses but I can barely keep up! Here’s a brief look into last week.



Nothing much to report at the start of the week. We’ve been without a kitchen for some time now and I’ve fell into fast food visits more often than I care to admit. Ellie likes it when I spring for a milkshake and she gets to try some of the whipped cream.


The weather alternated between cool air with warm sunshine and grey skies but I’m not complaining. I’d be down with fall weather and loafers all year round.


Happy Halloween! My absolute favorite holiday! I didn’t have an opportunity to pull together a costume but wore my favorite festive digs to work and made sure to bring in some spooky treats.


Ellie was dealing with some skin allergies and an ear infection, so she wasn’t feeling herself. Time for a trip to the vet for this sad pup ☹


As I was getting ready for work in the morning, I noticed just how lovely the fall foliage looks outside our bedroom window. This little corner of our house makes me so happy.


We worked on the house again all weekend. This time we ordered breakfast sandwiches from Sweet Side and donuts, obviously.

Ellie was sentenced to a week with a dog cone and she was not happy about it. Poor girl was certainly depressed the first day she had it on but by the next morning she was back to her usual self and knocking over everything in her path.


I’m positive I say this on a weekly basis, but we are truly rounding out the final stages on our home renovation. The kitchen still has a solid number of projects to tackle but we are just about wrapped up all the major carpentry and drywall work. What’s exciting is that we are starting to get a more complete outline of how the house will look when its complete! A couple of quick photos –

We finished installing our built-in kitchen pantry and started to install the drywall. When everything is finished the unit will have lovely glass doors showing off a (hopefully!) organized pantry.

We also installed the closet doors in the bathroom! They need their final coat of paint, but we wanted to get them into the space to make sure we didn’t need to do any further adjustments. I’m already obsessed but even more excited to see them fully painted and looking fresh in the brand-new bathroom.

What was the highlight of your week?

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