Weekly Photo Recap: Motions

Posted on November 15, 2018 by Lindsay

Just going through the motions until the holiday madness hits.



Ellie was still on cone duty but she wasn’t letting that stop her from enjoying her bone.

I killed a Chicken Rico platter for lunch.

Then ended the night at Home Depot! What a treat!

An extremely typical Monday, from start to finish.


Election Day! Jason and I hit up Clavel for Happy Hour drinks and dinner.

The restaurant celebrated Election Day by giving everyone with an “I Voted” sticker a free shot of mezcal!



Bean didn’t seem like she was feeling much better so we had to book another vet appointment. 🙁

We were back out to IKEA to make our FINAL kitchen purchases – Yay! Then we stopped off at Chaps Pit Beef for dinner – Yay!


Enjoyed the nice Fall day by chomping on IKEA cinnamon rolls and playing with Ellie in the leaves.


Quick backstory – In addition to our new quartz countertop, Jason and I are planning to make our own butcher’s block countertop for the island. We came up with a lot of concepts for the construction but we were partial to the idea of using wood we could reclaim from the house. So since we’ve been renovating, we’ve been stashing away beams and joists that we took down and saving them for the countertop. The joists are old (circa the 1920’s) so in order to get them looking nice and most importantly even, we need to use a planer. This helps to shape and smooth the boards down to a precise size. ANYWAY IF YOU’RE STILL READING – Jason got his planer set up to do some test runs on a few pieces of wood and WOW! The difference is amazing and the original wood looks fabulous. This photo isn’t great thanks to lighting, but you can see a side by side of what the wood looks like before and after going through the planer. What do you think??


We had a great day working on the house and getting shit done. To cap off the success, we met up with our BFFs at Marc’s house to eat great food and watch terrible movies. My perfect night ♥


Despite our best efforts to sleep in, the nagging renovation to do list had us up bright and early. Thanks to Dooby’s for the delicious coffee and granola.

It was a long day but we accomplished so much that it left me feeling confident about where we are in our timeline. Ellie was also ready for a snooze.

What was the highlight of your week?

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