Weekly Photo Recap: Reclaimed

Posted on November 27, 2018 by Lindsay

Slightly behind on these weekly recaps but when has that ever stopped me? Let’s do this.



It’s suddenly starting to feel like winter around here and we haven’t even made it to Thanksgiving yet.

Ellie spent another evening at the Vet’s office and got a new allergy medicine. She was happy to break out of there and stop by Home Depot with us.


I think Ellie wears my silk scarves better than I do. Although both of us do tend to resemble grandmothers.

I like when the trees start to change and you can see all of the weird, mossy textures along the bark.


I know I always sound like a broken record, but we have been so busy lately. As a result, I fear may be relying too heavily on Dunkin’ Donuts for sustenance. Side Note PSA: Please don’t sleep on sour cream donuts. They are a delight.


There was a crappy snow/frozen rain storm for most of the day. My shoes were not happy about it but Ellie was pumped to bounce around in her rain coat.


We did some house work before heading out to Home Depot. I picked up this cool plant to boost my spirits. I hope it does well in the bathroom.


Jason and I took Ellie for a walk and decided to have an impromptu breakfast at Carma’s Cafe.

It’s a cute spot with some nice outdoor seating so we were able to hang with the dog and enjoy.

I came home with one of their Mayan mocha drinks and fell in love.

We worked on the house all day and didn’t wrap up until late. We used the opportunity to visit some of our favorite late night haunts including the always-gratifying Nam Kang.


Bright and not-so-early breakfast from the fine folks at Little Fig Bakeshop.

Then it was off to Second Chance to look for a few essential house items.

Of course, that doesn’t mean I can’t browse the other crazy shit they have there. Like why can’t I get this giant Cone Zone sign? Give me one good reason?

I was also having a real moment when I saw this fucking diabolically fabulous Hollywood Recency sofa. Jason said I couldn’t have two full length gold velvet couches in the house, can you believe that?? I wholeheartedly reject this notion.

Anyway, we did actually pick up a few things on the trip including some reclaimed wood to finish out our countertops.

Snagged a few interesting lighting options for under $10! This may wind up in the vestibule…

And I’m sure we will find somewhere fun to put this big flushmount.

I also scooped up a Dansk Mesa bowl that was on sale!

Oh and we bought a front door!! Finally.

Afterwards, it was a late lunch/early dinner at Hilo before getting back to the renovation!

What was the highlight of your week?

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