Weekly Photo Recap: Brisk

Posted on December 13, 2018 by Lindsay

I’m constantly asking myself what day it is and slowly loosing my sanity in the process. Won’t you join me on this ride?



So it happened. It’s December. Who let this creep up on me? Who is responsible? I am in such intense denial about the end of the year.

I’m handling this denial and close of 2018 by filling every waking moment with some sort of task. I spent the cold, dark evening running old barn wood through a planer (I’m sorry, who am I right now?) Honestly though – it’s kind of a blast. I started to get in a groove and learned my way around the machine. The results are so cool!

I’m obsessed with how beautiful the wood is and I hope Jason and I can do it justice with the countertop we create.


It was pretty cold all week but I was taking it to the extreme on Tuesday with everything oversized – big glasses, big hair, big scarf and don’t even get me started on those ear muffs.


Jason and I worked super late every night of the week and I was exhausted by mid week. Here I am smiling through the fatigue,

Ellie was making sure she kept her bone close by, just in case.


Okay so this is where I warn everyone that I was so slammed that I barely photographed anything. I eeked out this photo on Thursday thanks to a last minute “did I take any photos today?” brain transmission.

I do really love our bathroom though. I’m particularly proud of some of the features in the new wall we built like this little nook.


I recently thrifted this neat striped sweater and then wore it for like 4 days in a row. In other “I Have No Sense of Moderation” news, I’m addicted to XL coffee drinks and I need help.

Just kidding, keep ’em coming.


I basically live at Home Depot so on my 8am run this lovely weekend morning I decided I’d pop into the thrift store for a brief reprieve. I managed to snag a few books – a big boy about the supernatural, a nice coffee table book and a beautiful collection of Hans Christian Andersen books in Danish!

We had a few projects we were working on over the weekend including some of the kitchen wall prep, the new front door for the vestibule and just an obscene amount of painting. I did an absloutely horrendous job documenting anything but just trust me, I was drudging through it all weekend.

It was about 10pm before Jason was finally able to slap the first coat of primer on the new door.


The door looked fabulous with it’s new primer! I was very happy with all of the work we did to get it into like-new shape.

I couldn’t get the exact type of paint I wanted which kind of sucked because I had to go with a paint that was a slightly lower quality. If there is one thing I’ve learned on my painting adventures, it’s that it truly pays to get the high quality stuff. Anyway, I’m ranting because we were only able to get one coat on before we had to stop and wait as we needed to fit the door in the new frame and threshold. I am excited to see it fully painted though!

Jason and his aunt worked all day in the cold and completely transformed the front door and threshold (seriously, it’s awesome, I’ll have photos next week.) All day on Sunday I worked on priming EVERYTHING and wow, I can not wait to be done painting!!

We finished late and it was super dark so you’ll get pictures of the progress later!

What was the highlight of your week?

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