Weekly Photo Recap: Retail

Posted on December 20, 2018 by Lindsay

‘Tis the season to spend every waking moment worrying about something and trying to make it out of shopping centers alive.



The primer throughout the main floor is definitely starting to make the entire space feel more put-together. Next stop: lots of painting.

Now that we have traded in our mail slot for an electronic keypad we needed to pick out a new mailbox. I found this mint condition (still in its original packaging!) Mid Century mailbox.


FINALLY booked our plane tickets to Iceland next March!!!!! I can’t wait to see everyone and explore Iceland again 🙂

I had a margarita for dinner.

I decided to turn my Home Depot trip into a classy seasonal photo shoot.


My hair is getting longer – I guess that’s what happens when you can’t afford to go to your hair dresser. I need to trim up that back section so it doesn’t start to look like a mullet. Growing out pixie cuts is a very fickle process.

Bean and I in deep thought:


I realized I had completely forgot to take a photo of the new door! As you can see, it still needs to be painted and the rest of the vestibule is in crazy condition but damn if it doesn’t make the space look 100x more modern already!

I feel like black turtlenecks and high waisted pants should be my cartoon uniform. I am ALL ABOUT IT.

I went thrifting after work and found a bunch of amazing vintage coats. I did a photo shoot and sent the photos to a group chat to see if I could find a home for any of the lovely finds.

This gorgeous burnt orange coat from the 60s was one my my favorites (Look at that beautiful tag!) Jason said I look like a cocaine dealer’s wife when I wear it though. Should I rethink everything and craft my entire fashion persona around this idea? I’m debating it.


Just a few pics of my girl looking her cutest!

For every cute, in-focus photo I always have about 10 more that look like this:


Renovation weekend! I woke up early and finally painted the rest of the stairs – thanks Doobys!

I also finished up caulking the front room windows and filling in all of the nail holes in the stair kickers.

And a bunch of other stuff I forgot to photograph, of course.


Another renovation day. To-go coffee energy courtesy of Ground & Griddled.

A long day ended up cozy in bed with our new candle we picked up from the Greater Goods Market. I am very much in love with the “HollyJolly” scent from Don’t Sass Me Soy Candles.

What was the highlight of your week?

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  • Jess December 20, 2018 at 11:36 am

    Love your classy seasonal + vintage coat photo shoots! this was a really fun recap and I am dying to see your house progress in person!


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