Wishful Thinking for 2019

Posted on January 3, 2019 by Lindsay

New Year’s Resolutions – Like most people, I’m great at making them but terrible at sticking to ’em. Will I ever learn from this? Probably not. But maybe renaming my resolutions will help?

2018 was crazy productive but I’m looking forward to hopefully having more free time this year. I don’t have any tremendously lofty goals but I do love a good list, so here are a few things I’d like to focus on.

Wishful Thinking for 2019

Visit one new coffee shop, bar & restaurant every month

I have enjoyed exploring the city more and more over the years but always find myself saying “Oh I’ve heard of that place but I’ve never been!” This year, it’s my goal to try out new Baltimore places every month in 2019. The only real criteria being that I haven’t been there before or haven’t been in a very long time. I need to keep up with being a hometown tourist.

Finish the house

As pretty much everyone and their mother knows, Jason and I have been working on renovating our townhouse and despite our frequent interjections that we are “so close to being finished” well… we are not. We are being a bit more prudent about our timeline but still optimistic that we can finish up all of our major projects in the coming months.

Watch more films, visit more theaters

If anyone follows any of my ramblings on my other blog, then this idea won’t come as much of a surprise. Thanks partially to the renovation and partially to my sleep schedule, my movie watching habits have tanked in recent years. I get so much joy from film and experiencing new theaters that it’s a shame I don’t dedicate more of my time to it. I would really like to get back into the swing of it by making more of an effort to see movies that are outside of comfort zone and carving out time to go out to the movie theater.

Hike, bike and camp more often.

This is always a desire for me. I feel like sometimes it can be hard to plan for camping trips but in reality there are no good excuses for not getting outdoors more often. It is easily the most therapeutic thing on this list for me so I just need to pull myself together and get my butt out there.

Take advantage of more city happy hours

This is probably counterintuitive to my last goal but who cares. This is the one thing I regret not taking advantage of more in 2018. Since I moved into the city, I have barely taken advantage of any Happy Hour deals. I’m fully committed to becoming a lush in 2019. A lush on a budget.

What do you want to focus on in 2019?

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