Weekly Photo Recap: Snowy

Posted on January 16, 2019 by Lindsay

A week of winter weather and other fine things. Here’s the recap:



Home Depot night. My New Years resolution is to stop this Monday Madness soon.

I picked up this magnetic puzzle of the United States at the thrift store because I thought it would look kind of cute on the fridge. Jason and I sorted out all of the States we haven’t been to (there’s a lot!) and figured we could add them back into the map once we visit.


We had to go back to the hardware store for another plumbing part so we decided to eat a late dinner at Pappa’s.

By the time we left, it was pouring rain.

Thankfully, we had all we needed to finish plumbing the sink.


I scooped up these Gummy Bears on a total impulse purchase and proceeded to eat half of the bag in one sitting. Highly addictive.

Jason and I ate dinner at Sofie’s Crepes before meeting up with Jess and Rob to finally see The Favourite (very funny film, highly recommend.)


I wasn’t feeling well, possibly because I can’t stop myself from eating huge quantities of gummy bears, so I stayed quiet most of the day. I liked laying on the couch watching the sunlight come in through the window.


Someone brought in these colossal donuts to work. I do not pass up these opportunities that have been afforded to me.

We found ourselves at 29th Street Tavern for dinner and drinks. I love this place.

We are weirdos.

He is the most handsome.


It was that time, Ladies & Gentlemen. Time to tile.

Our goal for the weekend was to put up our kitchen wall tile so we started working right away. We had to dry-fit our shelves once again so we could situate the brackets and make sure everything else on the wall was prepped and ready.


Once we made all of our cuts for the first few rows, we were ready to mix the mortar and start placing the sheets.

We chose a mosaic tile for several reasons but one of the most crucial was that it was substantially easier to lay. I would agree that it was the easiest tile job that we tackled so far but still, not my favorite activity.

We ended the night with the wall looking crazy as shit but pretty much exactly where we were hoping. Just a few more finishing pieces to go and then onto the grouting process.

It was late after we finished working but you could already see the snow accumulating outside.

Also – I should mention that Home Depot has a bunch of plant sales happening right now. I picked up this bromeliad for half price!


A Sunday Snow Day! We woke up to a nice amount of winter charm.

The first order of business was letting Ellie enjoy the weather.

I think she would have preferred if we could stay outside all day.

I had a reprieve in the tile work thanks to a pre-planned brunch with my favorite babes. We headed to the The Food Market where everything was so damn good.

Afterwards, we walked around Hampden for a bit and hit up some of the usual haunts. (Special thanks to Julia for this cute photo!)

We couldn’t resist a hot chocolate from The Charmery. I had never experienced the exciting artwork that covers the walls of their bathroom.

Allison insisted we get donuts from Full Circle and we were all treated to a big box of Harry Potter themed delights.

After all of the fun, it was time to head back home and finish working. I think Ellie would have preferred a cuddle session.

Jason and I finished cleaning the mortar in preparation for grout.

We decided against the darker color grout that we had chosen so that meant waiting another night to finish the job. Instead we put the shelving back on the wall and tried to decide what color we should stain or paint them.

We used one of our walnut boards as an island reference. I think I like the look of the raw pine? Decisions, decisions.

What was the highlight of your week?

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