Weekly Photo Recap: Surroundings

Posted on January 24, 2019 by Lindsay

Time to take a short look back at my last week in review. Let’s go!



The lingering snow was Ellie’s favorite part of the week.

I definitely don’t mind the views.


Speaking of views, I get a little tinge of excitement when I look through the vestibule transom in the mornings and see this beautiful light.

I’m ready to finish the trim work and see how everything comes together in the space.

Later at work, Ellie was clearly exhausted from all of her snow hopping activities from the day prior. I don’t think she cares about my workload.


Our fabulous friends made these super cute Adopt Don’t Shop shirts and donated all of the proceeds to charity. I think Ellie might wear it better than me.

Jason and I had a late dinner at Clavel where I spent some time soaking in design inspiration.


I wasn’t feeling great all day and if I’m being honest, all week. I took a few hours to actually sleep and maybe try to feel a little better? Later in the evening I pulled myself together as I had bought tickets to a show at the Meyerhoff Symphony Hall. I was feeling very 80’s and loving it.

I met up with friends to see an amazing collaboration between the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra and Dan Deacon! No photos of the event but it was an incredible experience and I can’t wait to see more BSO performances this year!


My quick Home Depot run yielded many new plants thanks to a conveniently timed sale. I’ll probably kill most of these cuties but there’s no harm in trying.

Jason and I finished grouting most of the kitchen wall tile and I am in love with the color we chose. I am beyond overwhelmed thinking about seeing the space completed.

We ended the night with another late dinner, this time at our favorite sushi spot – Yama Sushi Bar.


It’s always tough getting out of bed with these two snuggled by my side.

But the desire to be productive prevails. Off to R House to search for caffeine.

And once again, I find myself indulging in whatever new sweet treat Little Fig Bakeshop has come up with. The cinnamon rolls were very tasty and the homemade pop tart was A++++

Then we worked all day and I didn’t take any photos – go figure!


The week ended on another busy note. I woke up super early to run some errands and stopped into Bagel Bistro for my second cup of morning coffee. For anyone wondering, Bagel Bistro is a great little breakfast spot with dynamite sandwiches but you wouldn’t know that from my lack of photographs.

We finished up a lot of work around the house including staining the stair treads. I snapped a photo of the newly sanded treads but nothing else. I guess you’ll just have to wait until next week to see the finished product. 😉

What was the highlight of your week?

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