Weekly Photo Recap: Movement

Posted on February 4, 2019 by Lindsay

Where has the time gone? Let’s take a look at this past week’s recap and find out!



I’ve reached another chapter in the Basic Guide to Millennial Nesting by slowly turning the house into a jungle that will surely be impossible to maintain.

These are the sights around the renovation chaos that fill my heart and make it all worth it.


Jason and I spent the late evening in Hampden for dinner and drinks.

Belgian Beer bar De Kleine Duivel shows movies every Tuesday and this week was one of my all time favs: The Thing!


I started eating less donuts and more appropriate breakfast options. (Let’s take bets on how long this will last.)


I started painting the vestibule trim!

These photos don’t do the color justice – I love how well the color match worked out 🙂

Dinner sidenote: We braved the cold for ramen from Mi & Yu Noodle Bar (why can I never properly photograph soup?)


A break from the usual routine of hunkering down for late night renovation activities. Allison and I joined Jason at Earth Treks for a round of rock climbing!

Then a quick stop at Union Craft Brewing before dinner.

We met up with Rob and Jess for tacos and pinball at Holy Frijoles.

Fun, fun!


Ellie is ready for the renovation to be over. I feel ya girl, trim work is boring!

We did get to hang the kitchen shelves though!

After working, we ate a delicious dinner at The Food Market.

Then we ended the night watching our friend’s band play their first show!!


Early morning wake up. I was trying to take a photo of my sweet sweater.

Jess, Rob, Jason and I met up for a pop-up Danish-style brunch at Le Comptoir du Vin.

The coffee from Sophomore Coffee was delightful. Mmmm.

The simple menu consisted of cardamom buns and savory porridge – both A++

After filling up, we went back to the house to get some measurements and finish work before heading out to the hardware store. We stopped off at Corner Stable for lunch where we sat in one of our favorite TV booths and watched Men in Black while chowing on ribs.

We purchased all of our baseboards! We are getting so close!

What was the highlight of your week?

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