Weekly Photo Recap: Thirty-One

Posted on February 20, 2019 by Lindsay

Busy, stressful weeks lead to late Weekly Recaps. Here I am playing catch-up:



Jason was away on work for the day so I spent some quality time with my favorite furry gal.

It was unseasonably warm so we went for extra long walks throughout the day.

I had some sweet treats before bed and I will never not photograph this adorable mug.


Per my instructions, Jason brought back home some New York donuts.

Thank you to Doughnut Plant for the delicious memories.


A new food spot opened near my work – Tropical Smoothie Cafe. They sell smoothies and flatbreads and I have already ordered food there too many times.

I’ve had decent luck with thrift store art recently. I was on the fence about this canvas painting at first because I’m not a fan of the frame but ended up enjoying the art itself too much to let it pass by. Should I reframe it? Paint the existing frame? Leave it in my closet forever because its hideous? I don’t know, you tell me.


It was my birthday! I turned 31 years of age! This is a combo photo of me looking stressed out and also the cookie dough brownie batter donut I ate to pretend I wasn’t stressed out!

As fate would have it, PekoPeko Ramen was also celebrating their birthday so Jason and I popped in for dinner and some wild sparkler dessert.

We headed out in search of cocktails and I snapped a quick photo of the Baltimore Museum of Art, looking dashing.

And forever the highlight, we finished off a drink together at the wonderfully dim-lit WC Harlan. I would have liked this moment to last all week.


Nothing much to report other than these real cute photos of Bean posing during some intense wind.


Now that we were a week behind schedule, it was time to start getting serious about laying the floor.

Once we mastered the hallway, the process started to run a bit more smoothly.

We were very happy with the way the flooring was looking in the space. After a good bit of back and forth, we got a last minute suggestion to consider this floor option thanks to Jason’s aunt and we are certainly glad we took her advice.

We finished more rows of flooring than I photographed but you should get some better shots in an upcoming recap.


Little Fig Bakeshop needs to stop existing so close to my house. WOW.

We were soooo busy working on the floor, the whole experience has been a whirlwind. Please save me Thai Iced Coffee.

What was the highlight of your week?

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