Weekly Photo Recap: Icelanders

Posted on April 16, 2019 by Lindsay

(even still) THE WEEK OF MARCH 4th, 2019


It was our last morning in the cabin so we cooked up the rest of our breakfast food before heading back into the city.

Before we reached our destination, we stopped at the Kerið crater to take a look.

Eventually, we were back in Reykjavik! Time to do a different type of exploring (and snap too many photos of course.)

Time for a coffee break at the drool-worthy Sandholt.

These three adorable friends 🙂

After checking in to our Airbnb, we met back up with Jay & Aisha and tried some soup from Icelandic Street Food.

We decided to visit Hallgrimskirkja – a church famous for its high vantage point with wonderful sweeping views of Reykjavik. The outside architecture is also striking.

But the views are worth the elevator wait!

Before dinner, walked around downtown and admired the sights.

I also did a little bit of vintage shopping at Spúútnik.

After passing up a myriad of options, our group decided on the perfect dinner spot – SALT Kitchen & Bar.

Yes, yes, YES.

For the final moments of the final night of the trip, we got cozy at – Stofan Café. We had a few drinks, ate a few waffles, plays some games and laughed til late.


And just like that, our departure day was upon us.

One last (fantastic) breakfast at Bergsson Mathús before leaving.

Then it was Keflavík Airport time!

We had a nice flight back and soon enough Jason and I were reunited with our favorite furry chauffeur.

What was the highlight of your week?

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